10 Tools to make your sales team productive



Are you disappointed in your sales? If so, you may be putting a lot of pressure on your sales team to up their numbers. However, it’s not always your team’s fault. While the upper management might see it as a lack of training, skills, or drive, that’s not always the case. The problem may be a lack of tools. Your team can’t do its job if they don’t have the tools they need. You may not even realize that you’re lacking these tools until you learn about them. Here are ten of the best tools out there that your sales team can make use of in order to become more productive and increase your numbers


The oddly named Cyfe is a business management platform. It allows you to integrate many of your different tools into one single dashboard. It does so by using customizable widgets. You can combine your marketing, sales, CRM, social media, and more into one location, making it easy to see the state of the company. What’s even better is that Cyfe has a very affordable low monthly fee. It’s a very flexible program that every department can make use of.


Slacking off isn’t something you want your employees to do, but Slack has nothing to do with that. It’s a communication and management tool that will help everyone on a project stay up-to-date. You invite employees to projects, assign them tasks, and can even have online meetings. Slack also lets you connect to a number of other apps, including Hootsuite, so you can work hand-in-hand with your marketing team. Everyone will know what’s going on at all times, an important part of making effective sales.


Longitude is another app created by Salesforce, one of the most well-known developers. Longitude is aimed at giving sales managers another tool for managing their team, viewing sales, and looking at projections. Salesforce even offers some free sales plans for you to take advantage of. You can customize these sales plans so that they fit with your goals and plans.

                     Like all of the tools by Salesforce, Longitude can be integrated with their other products. If your company has various Salesforce tools, they will all work together. Longitude is on the costly side, but it’s worth it, especially if your company is already making use of other apps.


Need to get your sales team together for a meeting but have several people out of the office? Uberconference lets you quickly put together a virtual meeting that your team can attend from anywhere. All they need is a smartphone, computer, or other device with internet access. There’s no code to input, either. They just have to accept the invitation to join the conference. As the conference coordinator, you have the option to mute attendees, remove them, and more. You can send files to attendees, share your screen, and even record the meeting for review later.

Best of all, small conferences can be done for free. Those who need to invite more than ten people can upgrade to the business plan, which has a small monthly fee but also offers more options


Keeping in touch with your clients is one of the most important aspects of sales. Nurturing these relationships can up your numbers, but doing so does take time and dedication. A tool such as Contactually makes this task easier. It can be integrated with both your Office365 and Google account, allowing you to build and strengthen these relationships. The goal of this tool is to help you close sales. It includes the ability to track how interactions turn out, giving you data that will help you refine your engagement methods.

Contactually also allows you to create email chains for specific clients or leads. This way, you can keep in contact with those leads that need a little more attention, then remove them once you’ve brought them on board.


Tired of digging through a stack of business cards every time you need to find someone’s contact information? ScanBizCards, a tool by CircleBack, allows you to quickly scan in those cards by taking a picture of them with your smartphone. The app then syncs up these cards with your email address book and with a number of different CRM platforms. It’s quick, easy, and painless. Then you’re free to toss those business cards in the trash instead of adding them to the ever-increasing stack

Charlie App

Charlie App lets you know exactly who you’re about to meet with before you even walk in the door. You simply provide the app with the names of the other people attending the meeting. Charlie then goes to work, pulling up information and photos from social media sites. You don’t need to manually go to each person’s Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Instead, the app creates concise profiles for each person. You’ll be able to provide that personal touch with each and every client you meet. Personal engagement goes a long way to closing sales, and Charlie App makes that engagement very easy.


This quick and easy tool is perfect if your clients are spread across the country or the world. No need to fax documents for signatures—Docusign allows anyone to sign online. The signatures captured with Docusign are legally binding, too, so the contracts will hold up in court. All you need to do is create the contract that needs to be signed through Docusign, email the link to the client, and wait for them to sign it. This speeds up the entire signing process, making it faster to close a sale.


Calendly is another handy scheduling tool that makes it easy to set up meetings with others. You simply set up the times you’re available in your Google Calendar, then use Calendly to email the link to those you need to meet with. Each person can select from one of your available times and respond. Calendly captures those responses and automatically fills in your calendar with the information. Your sales team will always know when they’re meeting with clients.


Finally, Hubspot Sales Platform is designed to be your go-to email system for keeping in contact with your clients. It will tell you which recipients open emails, which ones respond, and which simply delete it unread. The basic version is free, but you can upgrade for more options.

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