3 Ways By Which You Can Use Live Chat For Conversion Rate Optimization


In every entrepreneur’s career there is this one disappointing moment. You invest your time and resources to get the business from the ground up, design the best service or product than your competition, get tons of traffic to your website only to get a handful of buyers or worst of all, no buyers at all. Disappointing, right?
Fortunately, there is a way to track the performance of your website visitors and prevent them from abandoning the shopping cart. Thanks to live chat software businesses who can now carry out live chat customer support and augment conversion. Here are top three strategies you should use to increase your conversions with live chat.

Post-chat surveys
Post-chat survey is a way to find out what your customers think about your company – the quality your customer service or simply about pain points. You would like to know what the customers expect from the company or what they want differently for effective service or product delivery. An exceptional item about it is that in most cases, you use default survey questions.
For instance, if you think your customers have issues with your billing system, you can enquire from the customer in a post-chat survey. In addition, you can ask your customers to rate their chat and better understand the quality of your customer service team. Through a post-chat survey, you can get feedback that is important for product or service improvement, meet the needs of your customers, and in turn, increase sales. A key to providing a great personal service is to understand your visitors needs and enhance live customer support.

Company success tracking
High quality product or service delivery is a necessity if you want regular customers. Whenever customers don’t see quality in your offers, chances are they won’t return. And speaking about quality, it goes beyond the service or product that you offer; it is also about the overall experience of customers on your website. For example, if your company does not respond to customers’ questions promptly, gives complicated billing process, and landing pages are hard to read, it shows that the customer experience you are providing is below average.
Luckily, you can monitor this through live chat support services where you can ask web visitors to rate the services. From the statistics, you can know the number of chats your agents had and their response speed. Through this, you get to know the number of customers who liked the chat and the chats that resulted in a purchase.

Leverage on messaging
You have much time to connect with your buyers once you get their attention. Therefore, when on live chat, make it count. Always use the available space in your chat box not only to offer assistance but also to provide added messaging and marketing. Make use of that time to make your customers see your best services, this will encourage them to trust you and come for your services frequently.
Bottom line, when live chat is strategically used it can become an integral promotional channel to build loyalty and improve the live chat customer service.



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