5 Mobile Apps Every Web Designer Must Use

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We all use mobile apps but have you ever thought that you can use mobile apps for getting inspiration for your next website design? Have you ever used a mobile app for creating a prototype of your next web design? Have you ever used a mobile app to write website code? I can safely say that answer to all these questions might be no. If it is that way, then you need to make sure that you start using these mobile apps to create better websites. Here are some of the mobile apps that every web designer must use to make their web design exceptional.


Whether you want to see the works of other designers or want to share your own creations with the world, Dribble is the best place for both. It let you share the sneak peak of your design, which it calls “Shots” and let other people comment and discuss your design and give you with valuable feedback. The service recently launched its mobile app for iOS devices. If you are looking for some inspiration that can get your creative juices going, then Dribble is a great choice.

The free app has some unique tricks up its sleeve as users can double tap to like and pull to refresh. The split screen on iPad works wonderfully well and faster browsing enhances the usability of the mobile application. The handoff feature works like sync so you can view everything you saw on your mobile devices even on your design workstation. All links will open inside the app, which is a big plus, as you do not have to open a web browser to open a link.


For those who are new to web design, learning so many programming languages can be a daunting challenge. If learning a new programming language seems difficult, then you must try this handy app, which converts learning programming languages into fun filled activities. It let you learn a program language by letting you a play a game. With more than a thousand free bytes sized lessons to explore and some social element to encourage you to give it your best shot, it is great mobile app for beginners. Available on both android and iOS platform, you will be charged $10 after the free trial expires.

Adobe XD Mobile

Creating wireframes and prototypes are important part of designing websites these days. You cannot jump straight into coding because you must create the logical structure in the form of wireframes and prototype before breathing life into it. Adobe XD Mobile is a wire framing and prototyping tool that let see the preview of your design on mobile devices. The benefit here is that you can easily load the files you created on mobile devices on your desktop thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud. You can easily download and install this app from Google Play and Apple’s app store.

920 Text Editor

Have you ever written a code on mobile device? I can bet the answer might be no. The small screens are not the right choice to write code. Non-responsive, cluttered text editors further aggravate the problem. Thankfully, now you could think about giving coding a try that too on your mobile devices because 920-text editor is here to provide you with a conclusive environment for coding with its clean, lightweight and highly responsive text editor.

In addition to this, it comes with some handy features and cool shortcuts as well as support for wide range of popular programming languages including HTML, Java, C, C++, Javascript, PHP, Python to name just a few. The ability to open two different files in two different tabs with Multi Tab feature can make switching between windows and tabs easy.

Adobe Shadow

Testing a website before making it live is a tedious job but not anymore because Adobe Shadow is here. This free app let you test websites on PC but let you preview your website on number of mobile devices to see how it looks on mobile devices with varying screen sizes. Christian Oliff, a front-end web developer admitted, “It really makes testing on mobile devices a lot faster.” The good news for the website tester is that Adobe Shadow will soon become a part of Adobe Creative Cloud.


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