5 Super Valuable and Easy Web Design Tips



Everybody wants a wonderfully designed website, and yet, most find it extremely difficult. The reason is ignorance about the universal rules of a good web design. There are certain simple rules of website designing that need to be followed by all designers.

If you want to develop a stellar website, here are top 5 tips.

# Know the basic rules of type design

For designing a beautiful website, you have to remember that the web is essentially about typography design. There are certain simple golden rules of text design that each and every website must adhere to. These are:

  • Headlines– Headlines should always be bold, large in size and easy to scan.
  • Body text– The goal should be maximum legibility. For achieving that, you must choose an easy-to-read font and the font size should be of at least 16 px. The lines need to be short and crisp, and not more than 50-60 characters.

# Choose a solid typeface

A lot of designers love using Helvetica. Even though it is a great font, you are recommended to pick a font-face that the readers will not find difficult to read. Additionally, it should also be graphic and maybe a little fancy, for capturing the attention of the visitors. As such, Helvetica Neue is slowly being replaced by Proxima Nova because it is a simple, stark and sophisticated sans-serif typeface. Merriweather Sans and Montserrat are some other popular options.

# Opt for a 3 color palette

The key to choosing a color palette is to stick to what you have opted for. When it comes to creating a cohesive color scheme for your website, consistency is everything. To make a lasting impression, you may opt for neutral palettes and make use of a powerful accent color. To get a better insight, do visit a website and get inspired by the vast collection of palettes.

# Use images of the right size

You do not want to use small-sized images on your website because there is a high chance of the pictures appearing pixelated. You must remember that the web is based on pixels. You need to be careful when selecting pictures for your website and be very particular about the size of the images. The clarity of the photos can go a long way in adding credibility to a website. Since your main aim is to design a website that will entice visitors and improve your conversion rates, you also have to make sure that the images are relevant to your brand and business.

# Make good use of space

Simplicity is an indispensable part of web design. Do not try to fit too much or go overboard, when designing your website. You need to give significant breathing room for your content, as well as, maintain the proper margins to elevate the legibility of your site. Each content or image posted on your website must have a meaning and it should not overwhelm or overpower the rest of the elements.

It is important to design a website aesthetically. The above-mentioned tips are intended to give you design directions and get you started. Just remember to be consistent.




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