Top 7 healthcare wearable & their influence towards a healthy lifestyle


There’re thousands of gadgets and devices dedicated to the healthcare wearable market, leading to a healthier and better lifestyle. However, choosing the right one from the pool out there isn’t easy especially when it comes to a particular wearable that has a doctor advice app as well as a health tracker. We’ve assembled a list of wearable devices, designed for different medical purposes so let’s have a look!

  1. For the best night’s sleep
    One thing the tale of Sleeping Beauty revealed is that survival of an empire may depend on a good night’s sleep and that’s true to a certain extent. Medical research has proven that sleeping at night is important to boost cognitive thinking, overall health, beauty that eventually lead towards a better and improved lifestyle.

Sleep trackers measure time when a user fall asleep, wake up and deep-sleep moments. Two of the best wearable purposely designed for good night’s sleep are; Pebble Time and Android Sleep App that wakes you up at just the right time so that you aren’t groggy. They’re even designed to diagnose a particular sleep illness through sleeping behaviour such as snoring or talking in your sleep.

  1. For staying fit & lively
    Healthcare wearable and specific doctor advice app associated with fitness and sporting activities are the rage in healthcare industry. Most of the smartphones nowadays come with preinstalled apps to measure steps you walk a day, capability to run, catch a bus and if you’re good to ride yourself. This activity tracker measure pulse rate, develop interactive charts and share it with the user as well as primary physician to streamline the process so that you stay fit and healthy always.

FitBit Surge is among the best fitness trackers available in market and known for good reasons. The touch-screen wristwatch tracks user’s sleep, steps walked in a day, direct messages and incoming calls being integrated with smartphone.

  1. For ridding daily stress
    In today’s fast-paced world and busy environment which is full of constant impulses and distractions, stress is among the biggest health risks. Stress stimulates cardiac diseases, diabetes, obesity, headaches, asthma, anxiety and certain gastrointestinal anomalies. Other effects of stress are significant decrease in emotional harmony, bad sleep and reduces level of focus.

PIP is a tiny wearable that immediately send alerts to user under certain stress level. It also has a smartphone app that helps in learning different ways to deal with stress, transform depression into happiness and active relaxation.

Then there’s Health At Hand help that’s expected to launch across the UAE in 2017 which offers complete healthcare solutions. It’s among the best personalised doctor advice app compatible with Android and iOS platform. Once out, it can be your best bet to rid daily stress, leading to a happier and content lifestyle.

  1. For optimal blood pressure
    Hypertension is among the most common and serious chronic conditions across the world. Just in the US, nearly 80-million Americans suffer from higher blood pressures. The Withings Blood Pressure is the earliest connected devices to exist today.

The app can be connected through Bluetooth after which it can monitor blood pressure. You can set it to take three different blood pressure measurements and report the average which is rather an applied method in medical science.

  1. For tracking weight
    For many, “perfect body posture” is the real deal whereas measuring weight every day in the morning is the dullest activity. Keeping an optimum weight after reaching a certain age is important for overall health especially when obesity is a concern since it leads to high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes or worse, stroke and cancer.

To save yourself from such incidences and maintain optimum weight, FitBit Aria is a small gadget that measures your weight, body fat percentage and upload a detailed report on a cloud-based account that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can even share the report with a physician for further consultation so it falls in the category of a doctor advice app.

Live your life to its fullest with the above healthcare wearable!

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