7 tips that can surely boost UK Help Desk Call Centre’s productivity


Every organization deems its customers the backbone of the business. Therefore, BPO firms get approached so that customers can avail desired solutions regarding product or service related issues at anytime from anywhere.

With the time, the demand for help desk services has been amplified more than ever as there are many technical issues that may put customers in a big trouble. That’s why UK call centres render help desk services via many channels including toll-free numbers, email, etc.

Sometimes, call centre’s effectiveness gets questioned because of some minor mistakes that help desk staff commits while assisting the customers.

So, take a gander at the following 7 tips that can surely boost the UK help desk call centre’s productivity within a short period of time:

Answering calls

Nowadays, almost every help desk call centre ensures that agents must respond to the customer’s call in a pleasant manner. Because starting few words always set the tone for the entire communication.

Most of the BPO firms make suitable changes in the scripts after a short period of time so that agents don’t make any blunder while rendering help desk services to the customers.

Moreover, a proper introduction always gives a positive impact on the customers and that is good for the business’s reputation.

Setting priorities

No one can deny the fact that BPO firms always treat their customers equally. But sometimes this aspect affects the call centre’s productivity.

Because sometimes junior agents try to solve complex issues on their own and this leads to delay & customer dissatisfaction.

On the contrary, if every UK help desk call centre starts setting priorities as per the complexity level of issues, it can get more productive results for sure.

Create reliable ticket notes

To improve the business’s profitability, it is very important to create reliable ticket notes while assisting the customers. This prevents minor or mediocre issues to transform into the major ones.

On the other hand, poorly created tickets not only lead to chaotic situations but also affect the retention level. So, it is advisable for the agents to keep the following points in mind while creating tickets:

  • At what time and which agent spoke with the customer.
  • The serial number of all the tickets should be written clearly.
  • Mention the results of performed procedures.
  • List of actions that have already been performed by the help desk personnel.
  • When customers are supposed to be contacted by the agent and by which medium that include phone, email, etc.

Prevent the hassle of reopening of tickets

As we have already told you that creating reliable tickets always ensure a better productivity. Some call centre ignore this fact which, in turn, leads to the hassle of poor productivity issues.

The main reason behind this is when customers don’t get proper information regarding product or service related issues, they make contact with the UK BPO firms regarding the same problem. This not only puts an unnecessary burden on agent’s shoulder but also affects the CSAT score.

Encourage the agents to take the responsibility of cases

To ensure a high retention rate, it is very important that agents take the responsibility to solve customer’s issues. Sometimes, agents don’t put required efforts to solve issues and transfer customer’s call to the next department.

This escalation not only leads to a high attrition rate but also ensures poor productivity. Therefore, it is very important for all the help desk call centre UK to encourage the agents to solve all the minor or mediocre issues in a swift manner.

Take care of customer’s emotional state

Of course, BPO firms always try to enhance the experience of the customers. But sometimes agents commit some minor mistakes that make customers feel blue. There are two major reasons that always make the customers frustrated:

  1. Asking for the same information that has already been given.
  2. Putting the call on hold for a long duration without any updates.

Therefore, it is very important for all the call centres to take care of customer’s emotional state. To make that happen, agents should give an update the customers on the progress after a couple of minutes so that the latter don’t lose the patience during the call.

Keep software issues at bay:

Software issue is one of those factors that not only ruins customer’s experience but also affects agent’s productivity. Because of the same reason, agents get failed to deliver quick resolutions to customers, which, in turn, leads to loss of business.

To prevent software related issues, it is advisable for all the help desk call centres to check whether automated replies, distribution of tickets, etc. are working properly or not.


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