How to Advance your Website Ranking through Link Building


First things first, link building is defined as the process of creating inbound links that direct internet users back to a preferred website. Link building, which is also referred to as building back links can be done by submitting articles to article directories online, blog commenting, participating in forums, posting links on social networking sites, posting links on directories, etc.

As we all know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very significant when it comes to boosting a website’s traffic. Since link building is one of the main factors of good SEO, your website’s rank will largely depend on the quality sites that link back to your website. However, building productive links for a website takes effort, time and above all, it is costly. So, here is how you can advance your page ranking through link building;

  1. Know how link building works first – As noted above, link building is all about creating links back to your website. However, this will not happen naturally unless you incorporate good content with other SEO tactics. According to masters in the field like, the back links are what will influence your rating on search engines like Yahoo and Google. With that in mind, here are a few strategies that you must keep in mind when link building;
  • Anchor text –This is a text that is placed on the link address of your website. Because Search engines will use your anchor text to compare to the destination the text links to, it is important that the anchor text you choose remains significant and relevant to the content it is being linked to.
  • Fresh links – As we all know, web pages will become less popular as time goes by. Therefore, to ensure that your content is still relevant over time, ensure that you get fresh links linking back to you. This will basically help boost your ranking.
  • Trust – The level of trust between different sites comes as an added advantage. Fact is that links that are built on trustworthy sites have more impact when it comes to boosting page ranking on Google, Yahoo and any other search engine.
  1. Follow blogs and participate in forums – Not just any blog or forum, but especially ones that relate to your web content. Blogs and forums always have a slot where you can add your comment, leave a link to your website when creating a profile as well as on your profile signature. Therefore, the more you post (or comment), your website link will be left for everyone to see and this includes search engines.

In order for you to create powerful links that will be best for your website, go for blogs and forums that are within your niche.

  1. Be active in article submissions – Although most webmasters find article submission to be time consuming, it does help a whole lot when it comes to increasing your website ranking. However, the articles must be submitted on the right sites and when submitting these articles, be sure to leave your website link. This link is how web crawlers assigned by search engines will find your content.

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