Amazon Echo Buying Guide: Which Alexa Device is Best for You?

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Amazon has introduced a glut of devices that can respond to your voice commands – the Echo, the Tap, the Echo Dot, the Echo Look, the Echo Show, etc. All these devices listen to your voice and perform a plenty of tasks such as controlling smart home devices, ordering your food, and even streaming music from Pandora and Spotify. But the question arises that how do you find the right smart speaker for you? To lessen this dilemma, we’ve come up with our Alexa device support to provide you some tips regarding which device you should buy. Let’s take the plunge.

Amazon Echo Buying Guide

Your Options

When the Echo first launched in 2014, you only had one option. But now, Amazon offers more than half a dozen smart speakers with its digital assistant Alexa built-in. Here’re the list of options you can choose from:

  • Amazon Echo – Compact in size, the Echo comes in different colors and connects to your existing sound system via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm cable
  • Echo Dot – It’s the most cost-effective of Alexa-enabled devices. The smart speaker comes with 3.5mm audio jack and Bluetooth connection
  • Echo Plus – Looks mostly like the original Echo, it features a Zigbee radio that enables you to talk to your connected gadgets directly
  • Amazon Tap – The biggest selling point of the Tap is its portability. Apart from being smaller in size than the Echo, it supports always-on Alexa and has an internal battery that Amazon claims lasts for up to nine hours of music playback
  • Echo Look – In case you want a smart speaker that gives you fashion advice, opt for Echo Look. It captures full-body selfies at your command, suggests you appropriate outfits, and then takes a picture. Next, it will amalgamate info from real stylists with its AI to help you choose between two outfits

Shell out some dough on the Amazon Echo If…

  • You want superior sound quality because it sounds much better than the Dot. You can also plug the device into your speakers. It boasts multiple cover styles, including wood and cloth finishes. This is your best bet if you’re seeking the best Alexa speaker under $100

Pick the Echo Dot If…

  • You want to save money as it will save you around $50 as relative to other Alexa-powered devices
  • You don’t care about music as its speakers are not so efficient to provide you with a clear sound quality. However, with the Echo Dot, you can clearly hear Alexa respond to your commands

Choose the Echo Plus If…

  • You desire to start automating your home as the Echo Plus has built-in Zigbee antenna that lets you find locks, light bulbs, and sensors to buy without requiring a separate hub
  • You already have a smart home setupbut want to escape from the hassle of a separate hub

Opt for the Amazon Tap If…

  • You desire a versatile Bluetooth Speakers it comes with an audio input jack, letting you connect devices directly to play music
  • You love to spend a lot of time in your backyard because it brings Alexa with you while you work without requiring you to plug in your speaker. Moreover, the device boasts a built-in battery that can last up to 9 hours
  • You have a big houseas it excels the need of multiple Echo devices for complete coverage. You can bring the Tap along with you as you move from one room to another

Go for the Echo Look If…

  • You want fashion advice since it features a camera surrounded by LED lights that will capture a picture or shoot a short video of you as you model your outfits. Based on an algorithm and data provided by stylists, it will then suggest alternative dresses

Which Alexa device arouses your interest? Do let us know in the comments section below.



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