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Which is the Best Certified Course to Learn Professional Ethical Hacking?


Ethical hacking includes penetration testing, intrusion testing or red teaming used to find the loopholes in an IT setup and hack it to highlight the security lapses. Using penetration testing, ethical hackers find weak access points—perfectly before invaders do. Besides noticing flaws, professionals often file conclusions, recommend repairs, and implement clarifications. Today, ethical hackers are in much demand as they are needed to get into the security system on behalf of the stakeholders to seek vulnerabilities, much before a venomous hacker would. An ethical hacker must be a computer and a network expert will test the safety of the computer system, with the permission of the management and operation. Today, IT security tops in the priority checklist to safeguard their interest.

However good your abilities are to enter into a system, you need to enhance these with certified courses, and lots of practice. One of the best ethical hacking course for professionals is the CEH Exam.

Best Ethical Hacking Course for Professionals – CEH Exam

Ethical Hacking Course - Koenig SolutionsThe new module of CEH exam is the EH V9. It is vast and has over 18 comprehensive modules to learn from. It has over 250+ intrusion technologies, which states the inside out of what a malicious hacker could do. The best-certified course would be the CEH certification because it is recognized and the course contents are extensive. Just to show a glimpse of the course, a student will get Knowledge on perimeter defenses to scan and raid own networks, cyber security, testing, scanning, hacking and secure networks. He will understand the variety of hacking attacks and cloud computing technology, how to penetrate network systems with the use of tools, malicious use of mobile phones to intrigue to the system, the variety of virus, Trojan etc.

To get the CEH certification and appear for CEH exam, it is imperative that you do it from a well-recognized institute like Koenig solutions where you seek professional guidance, approach and can deal with real-life situations. Moreover, it is the standard certification requirement in the field of IT security.

The CEH exam about ECC exam and VUE examination is a good 4 hours session. There are about 125 questions to attempt with a multi-choice format.

Scope of CEH Certification

When you have given a CEH exam, you are aware of the all the instances that are needed for IT security. It helps you seeking jobs as IT security officers, IT auditors, IT security professionals, Information Security Analyst, the Security consultant and more.

An ethical hacker is hired by a company to build a computer system that prohibits pernicious hackers to access. CEH certified professionals safeguard the system and information from any of such hateful pirates. It is here that CEH personnel have to take preventive measures to prevent any security breaches. It is he who advises the management on change of any system if needed. It is the prime duty of any company to safeguard a customers’ information. This is precisely one among the reasons why ethical hackers are hired.

A Thorough Checklist on What Should A CEH Certification Imply

The following segment implies that you hold a certification and you are capable of handling things such as:

Foot printing and Reconnaissance
Enumeration to System Hacking
Viruses and Worms
Sniffers and Social Engineering
Hijacking Web servers and Hacking Web Applications
SQL Injection
Hacking Wireless Networks and

To Sum It All –

The whole purpose of getting a CEH credentials is to set minimum standards for professional information security specialists in the field of ethical hacking. It helps to know the public that there are accredited candidates who can meet or exceed the minimum standards. Thus, get yourself registered to a renowned institute (do read the reviews) and get the much awaited CEH certification.

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