Ceiling Fan: An Energy Efficient and Affordable Cooling Option for Summer


Ceiling fans have always been a preferred option to beat the heat in summers across the world. As an affordable air-circulator system, modern ceiling fans not only keep your room breezy but also add elegance and style to your room. These are your faithful companions in summer, which keep you cool in intolerable heat. The necessity and importance of this amazing device is hard to overlook. Cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, durable and simple, it gives us relief from extreme heat by blowing wind in our direction.

Ceiling fans are an effective yet affordable cooling option for summer in comparison to other available cooling devices like air-conditioners and coolers as these keep the electricity bill to the minimum. They are available in a variety of designs, colors and styles to offer you the correct balance of utility and aesthetics and keep you cool irrespective of weather conditions. Whether you are looking to buy new fans or willing to replace your existing ones, there are myriad numbers of options available for you to choose from.

In the following lines we will discuss how you can choose right fans for your place.

Place of Installation

It is an important point to consider while buying a ceiling fan. Most of the ceiling fans are installed in the centre of the room to allow air flow smoothly all through the room. However, big rooms may need two fans for optimal air flow. Therefore, you must decide where you will fit the fan before choosing to buy the correct one according to your room.

Room Size

You must know accurately the dimensions of your room before you buy a ceiling fan. It will help you in getting appropriate fan for your room as smaller rooms require smaller fans and larger rooms require larger fans for proper air flow. Please understand that buying best ceiling fans for large rooms does not have to be a complex process. There are factors like ceiling height, room width and length, etc. that should be considered for making right purchase decision.

Motor and Blade Pitch

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a fan is motor size. It is the most important constituent of a fan, so if you are spending money, you will want to ensure that you are getting a fan motor in proportion to the money spent.

Fan for bathrooms

Every enclosed area like bathroom needs proper ventilation and air circulation.Portable exhaust fan for bathroom is the best available choice for this purpose. These fans produce minimum noise and maintain proper ventilation indoors. Exhaust fans prevent interior of bathrooms from suffocation by maintaining proper flow of air.



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