How to Choose the Best Data Science Certifications to Get Ahead in Your Career

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To seek new knowledge from the present information is one of the major functions of data science. It needs a curious and inquisitive mind to take such challenge to complete. Keeping yourself updated with new skills and knowledge is the key to become successful in this industry. The professional data science certifications can help you to bridge the gap between and provide the important proof of your skillset so that you can position yourself as the perfect candidate for the next job, or promotion! The role is very critical for companies to extract the right kind of insight for big data and it needs a wide range of skills such as collaboration and teamwork. Apart from that, problem-solving and analytical skills are needed for detecting patterns and relationships into data. Data Science has become an influential and powerful differentiator amongst a lot of industries. Almost every organization is now focused on automation and simplification of tasks which says that we need data scientists now more than ever! To perform such sophisticated analysis would need more expertise and advanced analytical skills with the broader usage.

With the professional data science certifications, you can achieve a number of things, including showcasing your commitment towards lifelong learning, distinguishing yourself from the crowd, staying ahead of the competition in the market, ensuring that your skillset is aligning with the industry standards or benchmarks while providing a solid value to the future employer. Now, how to choose the right one amongst the data science certifications?


There are some several vendor certifications available in data science and more are being introduced always. You must have a clear and solid idea of what path you want to follow and what technologies you want to learn. This makes it easier to find the right kind of data science certifications. On the other hand, take a careful look at the list of the best data science certifications to get an idea of what important tools and languages are there in the curriculum because you need to be sure enough. Compare the certifications and also do a quick search of the latest job roles to get an idea of what are the relevant skillset right now. This gives you a clarity to pick up the right program. Some of the well-known vendors in data science certifications are Cloudera, SAS, DASCA and many more. Look at the certifications and programs from every possible point of view so that you’re being totally clear. Read the reviews about the top certifications to make sure their overall demand is fairly decent. As you progress through your career, you may need the different level of certification, so you need to be aware enough to choose the right one. Just because some programs are in demand, doesn’t mean that it’s the right one for you. Every criterion should be carefully considered to avoid any mishap. It can be a real struggle but it is worth the effort.

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