security camera installation

Distinguished benefits of security camera installation


According to Pillar, who is the editor in chief of Integrated Solutions for Retailer, retail businesses are subject to a possible threat of almost 275 million theft incidents per year globally. Even more shivering is the fact that it is only 1 in 46 arrests connected directly to those thefts.

security camera installation

security camera installation

Now if you are considering about alarming and alerting your employees to keep a strict eye on the store area, counters or installing checking machines and systems to check customers coming in and out, you need to know an even more shocking survey record. Now according to the facts, 1 out of every 6 arrests made in concern with thefts in stores, which accounts to almost 1 million arrests globally, per year, are employees of the stores. Therefore, it is difficult to actually rely on your employees and to check the threats of possible theft.

Now, not only retail businesses, but even non-retail businesses can suffer the consequences of theft since even intellectual business properties, office properties, etc. can be a reason for potential theft. Therefore, since you just cannot always trust everyone, and at the same time you need to secure your business as well, the best solution out there is security camera installation.

Benefits of security camera installation

Surveillance over Sensitive Business Zones

Every business has its own sensitive areas, where you don’t want entry or even interference of any third party but obviously you want tight security. Starting from bank locker rooms, to chef’s recipe locker, retail or departmental store surveillance to cash counters of retail businesses, every business owner wants to keep these sensitive areas under controlled monitor so as to ensure comprehensive security against trespasses or thefts. With CCTV camera even without being physically present in these high security zones, you can constantly keep an eye over these areas.

Customer Satisfaction

You cannot be there with your customers at all the time. But improving your customer’s experience can boost the turnover of your business all the more. Therefore, even if you can monitor the customer experiences, troubles etc. remotely, or even on recorded tape you can take required steps to improve those gaps and enhance customer satisfaction.

security camera installation

security camera installation

Control Theft

Those who run retail businesses and especially shopping malls, departmental stores, etc always confront issues of minor or major theft. Suspecting just anyone out of the crowd in your store can spoil your business and store reputation. However, at the same time, checking on such unethical practices is also equally important for the sake of your business and to establish a healthy environment in your business area.

Guard Against False Liability Lawsuits

In businesses, it is a common hurdle that clients or customers often file false litigations against you. Your CCTV footage can be your prime tool and proof against such false liabilities to prove your stand point. Besides that, you also need to be careful to handle such cases tactfully. Since according to some cases, lawyers often advise clients to file litigations after 4 to 6 months since most businesses tend to destroy the foot ages in every 4 to 6 months, under such circumstances the chances of the business owner to prove the litigations false will minimize. Therefore, you can take a rather smarter way to keep all your CCTV footage records files somewhere for emergency references in future.

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