How Chatbots Are Influencing Business

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With the advent of 21st-century technological revolution started taking place. The age of computers was starting. The world was changing. Various countries around the globe were investing in computers and were seeing the results. They grew exponentially and took forward with them the human race. Now in this day and age we are surrounded by computers. They are everywhere. We nowadays are making decision through them. This is where we have reached after 50 years. Now in this day and age humans and machines have started talking and they communicate through chat bots.

The very first thing that I would like to clear to our readers is ‘What is a Chatbot?’ Chatbot is a software which interacts with humans when you come to a specific destination on the net, app, etc.  With interaction we mean chat with humans. A chatbot is powered by Artificial Intelligence or also termed as ‘AI’. There are various ways by which it chats with a human. Chances are you have stumbled upon them, if not you will soon find them out. The reason being chatbots are taking the world by storm. A chatbot can do series of simple tasks for you at your command. Like ordering food, booking a movie ticket, etc


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The way Chatbots are influencing the business is phenomenal. Those who own a smartphone have encountered what chatbots are. To those who don’t know what a chatbot is. Chatbots are those programs which chats with you, in a manner very similar like a human. You won’teven feel the difference!! The chatbots are very useful in business. Their application in the field of Customer Service is phenomenal. As stated above, it can help us do many different things (let’s see in the context of online shopping). The chatbot will first start with what is your preference. Next after you are done with the first step then comes the size, color, brand, etc. Chatbots nowadays powered with AI are very intelligent. They take the role of a salesman. This salesman can now follow where ever you are going. Least to say he is not your average salesman with his age-old tactics but a more intelligent and refined at multiple levels. Packed with AI they show and display recommendations even after you leave that particular website. Chatbots can now perform full end-to-end tasks to very specialized task which are not more than 4-6 steps.

Chatbots are now seen on many different websites catering different kind of services to the masses. For example a site which helps people in company registrations, GST Filings, IPR Returns,etc. Whenever you go on the site the chatbots welcomes you with a message and when you ask for a specific demand the chatbot redirects you towards it. This goes on and on. Also termed as knowledge chatbots. These chatbots sit on huge amounts of data and then execute the knowledge.

There is one more concern that companies are not investing seriously in chatbots. According to some facts and figures more than 85% of companies have shown interest in chatbots while only 4% have applied it in their daily operations. This figure somewhat projects what is the current situation of what AI is. To give you an example let’s consider SIRI. Siri was rolled out in the market along with Apple products. The consumers utilized the bot but it didn’t turn out be that a hit chatbot while comparing it to a Google Assistant.


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Things have become very relative. People expect technology to solve their problems. So even chatbots are being looked at in the same way. So if a chatbot helps people by simplifying or reducing their work the chatbot is a hit among the consumers. But if it is not then the masses decide to demote it. This is how chatbots are influencing businesses. Chatbots are still an emerging technology. Even recent spy movies have faintly indicated the use of chatbots.

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