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How Technology Affects Sports


Technology has impacted the Sports industry in every possible way. Now not only the schedule of sports gets published online, but also all the sports analysis happens online. Technology has helped sponsors and sports management to manage teams, matches easily, and plans to predict.

Today I am going to share about the how technology affects sports in a right way.

Sports betting:

Technology had made it possible for people all over the world to bet on sports easily. No matter you live in a native country or foreign country, you can quickly place bets on sports using sports betting sites. You can not only play betting but also grab huge discounts and support to become a professional player.


Technology has made it easy to analyze performance and make team coaches plan their next strategy. It also increases the accuracy. It also enables referees, sports officials and umpires to choose right decision.

Uses of cameras are the necessary part of every sport. Referees and match officials can watch the captures footage to make better decisions.

Hawkeye system:

Technology has created Hawkeye system which is in use since 2001. In this system, you can see the trajectory of the ball. It calculates the speed of ball, pitch, and trajectory to display the details where the ball can land. IN Tennis, in and out decisions depend upon hawkeye system.

Watch historical Matches:

Technology has made it possible for you to watch old or past matches. All the games are being recorded. Sports channels keep on running old events when there is nothing new to show. This also helps you to watch your favorite matches again and again.

Sports equipment:

Technology has helped to improve the sports equipment. From tennis ball to formula one car everything has to go under the tests to technology.

Technology has introduced us with Kevlar fiber which is five times stronger than steel yet lighter. Kevlar is in use to produce body armor, helmets, rackets, boots, tiers, etc.

Ticket purchasing:

Technology has improved the ticket purchasing system and helped to stop black-marketing of tickets in a significant way. To improve the online ticketing system, Google AdWords has implemented rules for ticket resellers. Now people can buy tickets online with more transparency.

Final Words:

There is a lot more research and development going in the sports industry to make sports safer and more comfortable for players. Some people may stand against the use of technology in games, but the truth is no one can stop the process of evolving.

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