How To Get A Tablet Ready To Sell For Cash?


Going out and buying a tablet is something that most people get very excited about. There are so many interesting choices out there, it is hard not to choose the one that suits your need, desire, and budget too. Today, not many people take the time or go to the trouble to fix an old tablet because replacing the parts actually don’t increase the overall value of the device. When all is taken into consideration, it just makes more sense to purchase a new tablet at an economical price than fix an old device that is already off the warranty.

Yesterday I friend of mine asked, How can I sell my iPad in market for some cash. I just answered him, first determine you tablet condition then go for it.

The big question then is where will the extra funding come from to start from scratch and purchase a new tablet? One great way to go about it is to simply sell your apple tablet. The most obvious benefit of selling a tablet is that you get a cash reward in return. However, to make the most money in exchange for your tablet, it is important that you should prepare your tablet for selling. Let’s find out what should you do before selling a tablet that you no longer want to use!

A List of Things to Do to Prepare Your Tablet For Sale

  • Never forget this key thing! Examine the condition of your tablet. A nice-looking yet fully functional tablet can fetch the most money than the device that has some scratches and glitches etc. So, check if the display screen has any mark or sign of breakage or if the battery has some charging issue or if the casing of your tablet has some scratches and chips. You should take your tablet to a repair center to fix all issues properly. Additionally, you should ensure the performance of the device by downloading any software.
  • If you are thinking of getting some handsome amount of cash for your tablet, you should sell it with its essential accessories. So, gather all the accessories such as power adapter, network cables, original boxes, manuals, discs, and other additional components.
  • Make sure to remove all the items that you don’t want to sell with your device, like SIM card, optical media devices, and memory cards etc.
  • Sing out of all services such as email and social media accounts and then clear the data from these apps.
  • You will agree that your tablet is loaded with lots of personal information such as photos, contacts, videos, notes, documents and some other sensitive data that you don’t want to lose. So, back up all your data documents, photos, videos, music, and contacts etc. in an external drive.
  • After creating a backup, erase all personal data from your tablet and reset it as a new device. Here, you should keep in mind that the process of resetting of a tablet varies, generally depending on the make and model.

Let’s Take a Look at How to Erase and Wipe Clean a Tablet

iPad: If you own an iPad and now thinking of selling it, then you should erase all setting and information from the device. Follow these steps to Wipe Clean your iPad!

Open Settings App > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings

If you are an extra conscious person, you can also disconnect your iCloud association with your tablet before removing the setting and content. To do this, Open Settings > iCloud, and then choose either “Delete Account” or “Sign Out.” Tap on it and then select “Delete from My iPhone” and enter your password to remove it.

Android Tablet: As there are so many manufacturers use the Android platform, there are so many ways of removing your data from the device. If your tablet runs 5.0 Lollipop or later, it may have Android device Protection or factory Reset Protection. You should deactivate factory reset protection if you are going to sell your tablet. Follow these step to do so!

  • Turn off screen lock. Open Settings > Security or Lock Screen Security > Screen Lock and tap on the none.
  • Delete your Google account from your tablet. Go to Settings App > Users and Accounts, and then tap your Google account and then remove it.
  • If you have a Samsung Tab, remove your Samsung account from the device.
  • Now you can wipe clean the tablet with a factory reset. Hence, keep in mind that it often removes the Apps data and other info such as SMS and chat messages can be restored with some data recovery tools.

Not Decide the Place Where to Sell Your Tablet?

So, your tablet is ready for sale, however, you still could not choose the place where to sell it. There are a lot of local and online places that allow you to sell your tablet of any make and model and make some money in return. Hence, online places have become the easiest and quickest way of selling such kinds of gadgets.

Craigslist, eBay, and Classified websites are gaining popularity day by day among people who are willing to sell their smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. For selling your tablet, go for one of these sites and put an ad on your tablet so that buyers can attract towards it and contact you to make a purchase. Bear in mind that a lot of scamming people are also there at these online platforms, so you should be aware of them.

Another popular option for selling old tablets is Recycling websites. Nowadays, a large number of recycling websites have come into presence allowing people to sell their old and even broken phones and tablets at great prices. By selling gadgets through recycling sites, you can earn the most money for your device as well as play your role in promoting the healthy environment. Because when tablets and other e-devices are ended up in the landfills, they become a cause of soil, water, and air pollution. So, look for a reputable recycling site and sell your old tablet at a fantastic price!


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