IPhone App Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

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With ever changing technology, iPhone app development is also upgrading itself and every year you can expect to see a huge leap in the products and services offered. By the end of 2017 Apple already launched iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X. The iOS 11 was also upgraded to iOS 11.3 beta and there is no doubt in that Apple will be upgrading many more things in the coming year. This definitely has a major impact on the business of the organization and iOS app development companies are on a lookout for something futuristic that will add value to the apps developed by them. So here are some of the major iPhone app development trends to watch for in 2018 and beyond.

#1: IoT-focused apps will become more prominent

IoT is increasing in popularity with each passing day as it had made life much easier for people. It is predicted that the IoT business will grow to a 661.74 Billion Dollars business by 2021. As the investments, revenues, and profits from IoT are increasing at an exponential rate, iOS app developers have already started focusing on future-ready applications that can communicate with internet-enabled devices. Digital signals from the sensors and transducers deployed in IoT devices recognise and secure exchange of information over Wi-Fi networks and constitute the area being focused by iOS developers in 2018. iPhone app developers are bound to have better chances of creating value-adding apps to help users get the maximum out of their IoT products with IoT companies maturing and unveiling newer and better products in the market. Autonomous devices like Apple Watch 2 are the way forward and will drive innovation in terms of iPhone apps of the future. Apple Homekit is another innovation of Apple that allows people to remotely control their home appliances. More of such home automation apps are bound to be developed in 2018.

#2: Swift 4 and advanced versions will be increasingly used

The popularity of Swift has been growing fast due to the ease of learning and coding. Its adaptability and robustness are making it the programming language of choice amongst iPhone app developers. The ability to consume less device memory and fast development makes developers rely on Swift 4 and 2018 will witness development of more and more iPhone apps using Swift 4 and its upcoming versions.

#3: CoreML and artificial intelligence based apps will be focused on

The CoreML framework introduced by Apple enables iPhone app developers to build an apps that need only a few lines of code and make the iPhone apps more feature-rich, having features like face recognition, barcode detection, object tracking, better security, and much more. With its robust library, this constitutes the most widely discussed trends in iPhone app development and has proved to be effective for tasks related to QuickType, Camera, or Siri. As Core ML will offer communication applicable to all iPhones and other iOS devices, developers will be able to build AI-based games and highly interactive apps. AI being more diverse than just chatbots is a field which will continue to trend not just in 2018 but in the coming years as well.

#4: GPS and augmented reality applications will exhibit an upsurge

Augmented Reality (AR) coupled with GPS are a vital tool at the disposal of any iPhone mobile app developers. Greater value apps can provide novel experiences to users by making use of the location tracking and navigation functionalities of iPhones. 3D game developers, retailers, and automation industry are greatly focusing on using this technology in their apps. iPhone app developers can now explore the field even more as users are becoming more open to letting their location be tracked by web apps. However, security concerns still need to be addressed fully. ARKit has now become the focus with the launch of iOS 11 and 11.3 and iPhone app developers are developing 3D and virtual reality-based mobile applications using AR. With the announcement of Sumerian Application Platform by Amazon, Apple’s ARKit is bound to receive more support and the year 2018 will prove to be much more fruitful for the AR and VR apps.

#5: Apple Pay will come up with more user-friendly payment options

Digital transactions and payments are already becoming a norm amongst users with e-commerce getting an economic boom. With the introduction of Apple Pay, Apple brought up its own wallet in the market to assist user in making purchases in iPhone apps for any transactions ranging from online money transfer to booking tickets, buying food, shopping, etc. This has highly influenced the payments habits of iPhone users and iPhone apps development is likely to follow a cashless policy through Apple Pay.

#6: Cloud-based technology will be integrated in the applications

Cloud technology has enabled handling large data without impacting internal phone memory. iPhone app developers are focusing on using the power of cloud to give wings to their applications. Cloud gives assure with regards to safety and security of data while being consistent in BYOD world (Bring Your Own Device), thus favouring flexibility in work schedules in the company irrespective of location. Thus, cloud-based technology holds the future for iPhone apps in 2018 and beyond.

Wrapping up

As technology is changing at a fast pace, app developers also need to keep up with the latest developments and trends. iPhone app development company in India is following and incorporating these futuristic trends to provide you with cutting edge app solutions that will make your app relevant over a long period of time. So, stay updated with the latest trends to keep your apps going.


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