How Linux Cloud Server Can Benefit Your Business


When you have decided to go online and built your website to sell your services, one of the important decisions you must take is selecting the right hosting platform. It was difficult a few decades ago since you had to choose between shared hosting or dedicated hosting. Now, technology has made hosting simpler and more affordable with the Linux cloud server. When you consider the vast benefits and flexibility that you get the cloud, you could reckon it to be the more cost-effective than the shared hosting.

What is cloud and how reliable is it:

The cloud is a cluster of servers that are interconnected and hosted at third- party data centers. It differs in many ways with the traditional hosting. When you host your website on the cloud, you will have your resources from multiple virtual servers which mean you have assured supply of resources. If one of the servers is down, your website gets its services from the other active servers on the network. You are guaranteed of more than 99.95% network uptime. Cloud services are offered over the internet. This allows you to access your data from any location and on any internet enabled device.

Operating system choice:

One crucial decision you must take is should you use Linux cloud server or the Windows. Both Linux and Windows are popular and stable operating systems in their own ways and differ in a few ways. Linux is open source while Windows is a proprietary software. Linux is more popular as it is more affordable and available freely. Windows cloud hosting allows greater flexibility and adapting while handling applications and files across all types of devices as it is compatible with all the major operating systems. Linux servers are used within data centers to provide specific individual functions while the Windows is considered as a complete dedicated OS. You can choose any distros in Linux and any of the Windows OS versions if hosting on the Windows servers.

Lower monthly expenditure:

One important benefit of Linux cloud servers is that you do not make any major investment on the components required for the operating system. The hosts provide for the maintenance and server management.

Linux adapts well with systems that run on low resources. It can be used in several ways like as a backup server, firewall, file server etc. Using the command prompt, you can configure many of the software applications and upgrade to software with ease.

Efficient storage system:

As mentioned, your Linux cloud servers are off your business premises. It can be anywhere in any remote location across the globe or just in a data center in the environs of your city. This is beneficial in several ways. If there is an outage or disaster at your business location, your website is not affected and continues to run smoothly without being disturbed. You can instantly recover any lost data as your applications are replicated and stored in multiple servers.


One of the significant advantages of the Linux cloud servers is its scalability on demand. You can increase and decrease your resources at any point of time on your own. Administrators can resize the capacity remotely whenever there is a spurt in traffic and you can restore back once the rush subsides. Since you pay only for what you use, you will feel the pinch of money crunch. This works well for the businesses who have fluctuating traffic.


This sometimes makes it vulnerable to internet frauds. Linux cloud servers are robust and built with firewalls and anti-malware protection. All data and applications are encrypted while they are copied and transmitted to the remote locations to ensure it is not intercepted and misused.

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