The Non-Tech’s Guide to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

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Hiring a PHP developer would require you to ask some theoretical questions, take a glimpse of his work, examine his work for the errors if any, and many such technical aspects come under the belt. Now, what if you are not aware of the technical nuances and you need to hire dedicated PHP developers? Well, the article will guide you through the qualities, criteria and the places where you can dig out the most convenient PHP developers even if you do not have an in-depth knowledge about the technical world.


Things to be kept in mind before you hire a PHP developer:

Let me walk you through the qualities or rather the milestones that you need to keep in mind before picking the most desired developer.

1. Their strengths and weaknesses:

Get to know what they are good at. How many successful projects have they completed? Apart from the educational qualifications and experience, get to know their fields of interest, their achievements, the journeys that they have conquered, the skills that they have mastered, take into consideration all of these. You will get an idea as to how enthusiastic the person is and how effectively will he contribute in developing web solutions.

2. Measure their love for programming:

It is more important to hire a developer who has an extreme level of passion for their work because this will reflect in the quality of their work. Get to know how much the developer is in love with the programming language.

3. The knack of communication:

Communication is the key to unlocking the door to success. You never get to know the importance of getting across your thoughts and ideas. Being from the non-technical background it becomes extremely necessary to hire a person who can very put across his thoughts and ideas and also possess the art of understanding your thoughts and ideas to bring out the best results.

4. How much do they contribute to open sourceprojects?

Contributing to open source projects is a matter of prestige because not all developers take an initiative to contribute to the world of codes. When someone starts participating, it shows how much the person is involved in the coding process that they started coming forward with their opinions and making contributions to the open source projects.

5. The Soft Skills:

Apart from the professional skills you also need to look for the soft skills. Talking about soft skills, I would be referring to skills that define him in how good he is with his team members. You can come up with questions such as:

  • How strong are his leadership qualities?
  • How well can he resolve conflicts?
  • How well can he solve problems?

All these questions will help you in defining an image for the person whom you wish to hire.Look for prominent soft skills so that you not only get to work with a qualified developer but also with a civilized human being.

6. The flexibility factor:

Another factor that you need to note is how flexible the developer is. Will he be able to provide his extra time and attention whenever there is any crisis? Flexibility here also refers to the different frameworks. The developer should be able to work with different frameworks or as per the need and requirement.

Where to look for?

After you have completed the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ to hire dedicated PHP developers, the next thing would be to find the places where you can cast your net. There are three lucrative places where you are sure to find a good catch. The PHP user groups, free lancing web portals and some of the esteemed web development companies. Apart from these, you could also hunt down potential candidates through references, job portals and advertisements.

There are three different types of PHP developers floating in the market:

  • The beginners
  • The mid level PHP developers
  • The experienced lot

Clear out your vision as to which type of developer would you like to cast your net on. The beginners are those who have been freshly graduated from the college all bubbling with enthusiasm waiting to try their hands in the real world. They come at a considerably low cost. Then comes those developers who have crossed a few stages and neither fall under the category of the beginners nor the much-experienced ones. The last category incorporates the experienced set of people. They are a bundle of knowledge and expertise and they come with a huge price tag. You need to sort out your needs and requirements and accordingly make a choice.

Final Note:

Hiring a PHP developer should not be limited by your knowledge of PHP. There are many other aspects through which you can make a good catch. Apart from the above-mentioned categories and dimensions, you can make your own additions to keep the selection process more lucrative. You just need to be vocal about your requirements and evaluate your potential candidates on justifiable grounds.


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