Rural India: Waking Up To The Power of The Internet


No matter how many queries pop up in your mind, the internet has got a feasible solution(s) for everything. Having a reliable internet connection is the need of the hour, and the best ISPs in India pretty well apprehend this fact. Besides installing big internet towers and introducing new technologies in metropolitan and urban cities, the broadband network providers are leaving no stone upturned in offering better internet access to rural areas.

Most of the people residing in rural areas are alien to the term ‘internet’. They are not aware of how significant it can be in their day-to-day activities. And the ones who have heard of this term, do not have adequate resources such as laptop/mobile phone/computer, and a sound internet connection. However, several initiative programs such as ‘Digital India’ by the Government of India and ‘Internet Saathi’ by Google are focusing on reaching the rural masses and imparting internet education to them. Ultimately, both males and females living in undeveloped regions understand the importance of the internet and how it can help them in staying connected with the rest of the world.

Here are a few ways through which internet can benefit the rural areas:

Be in touch with the world of politics

With the internet, rural people can stay in touch with recent ongoing across the globe. Mostly, the lack of political awareness makes it difficult for them to vote for the right party. But having a good broadband plan lets them stay connected to the news, they can identify which political party has noble motives and is actually worth their vote.

Weather forecast

Rural people majorly rely on farming for earning their livelihood. And farming is something that is highly dependent on rains. Farmers can acquaint themselves with weather conditions beforehand and take immediate actions to protect their crops if they have subscribed to a good broadband plan. Besides weather forecasting, national and international videos and blogs can also give them tips to increase their produce, and market it in far and wide areas.

Source of income

A rural person who is specialized in a specific area, or has some unique knowledge about an uncommon field can easily use the power of the Internet. They can either work from home or search for the best MNCs or organizations online without having the need to visit each organization personally. All they need is a reliable broadband connection from the best ISP in their area.

Social interactions

The virtual technology has brought people closer to each other by eliminating geographical boundaries. For example: Mr. A living in Ghulal village (Punjab) can use various social media platforms in order to socially connect with his school mates, friends, relatives, etc. residing in different geographical regions. This source of entertainment gives them the power to remain connected with family and friends who have left the village for greener pastures.


Broadband internet is already spreading its wings in thousands of Indian villages and the people living there are effectively using the cost-friendly broadband plans from the best ISP. It is a fine medium for exchanging ideas, sharing views, enhancing knowledge, developing a broader perspective, leading a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, making online transactions, ordering online, marketing products and services, getting the best education for their kids, and so on. In the next few years, we hope that there won’t be any region that won’t have access to super-fast broadband internet connection.

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