How Safe is My Airtel App and Why?


Mobile phone usage is steadily rising and so is the number of apps. There are apps for nearly everything that you would want to use the internet for. There are shopping apps, gaming apps, music and movie apps and so on. In addition, there are bill payment and recharge apps, which have become widely used. They allow you to pay mobile and broadband bills, top-up phones with bonus and recharge cards and packs. They are extremely convenient, as you can access them any time of day. Such apps also provide cost-saving offers. Yet, for many, the question remains how safe are the apps? Let us look at one in particular.

My Airtel App a list of benefits, including easy money transfer. They can manage all their Airtel accounts whether prepaid, postpaid, digital television or broadband. The app is very safe and upon installation, users can make use of the Secure Plan, which has several benefits. It provides an anti-virus with web, theft and malware protection so that users can safely enjoy what apps have to offer, including when using the payments bank. It also provides cloud backup with 2GB of storage and mobile phone repairs in the event of accidental damage. Secure Plan is available for certain phone brands and for phones that are not more than two years old.

Apps under my Airtel app

When you download and install my Airtel app, you can unlock other apps to enjoy certain services. They are as follows:

  • Airtel Dialer:Making calls using Airtel Dialer provides users with free calling minutes. They can also monitor their talktime and mobile data balance.
  • Airtel Backup:The service allows users to backup their phone data at no cost.
  • Jackpot:Jackpot provides users with additional night data of up to 5GB if they use Airtel Apps.
  • Airtel Money:This money bank app allows users to make payments and shop online. You can open an account, load cash and use it to recharge your phone and DTH, transfer money and pay bills right from your phone. It aims to satisfy customers in several ways. For one, it is convenient since payments can be made anytime and from anywhere. Second, users get exclusive offers as well as discounts. The money wallet app is secure too, as a PIN is required for payments to go through.
  • Wynk Movies, Music, Games: Wynk provides users with the opportunity to watch movies and TV shows as well as listen to music and play games.
  • Juggernaut: This is the ideal app for book lovers, as they can use it to find and read more than 450 books.
  • Hike Messenger: Users who have installed the app can share files and chat with one another without using mobile data.
  • Ditto Live TV: The app allows users to watch Indian shows from several live channels.

My Airtel app is a comprehensive app that provides several services in one package. Easy money transfer, bill payments and mobile recharge are just a few of what is offered. If you are looking for a way to perform all these functions and manage your Airtel accounts at the same time, this is the app to get. It simplifies the process, as you control everything from your mobile phone. The app is safe and secure and you can confidently use it to enjoy all the benefits.



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