Some Tools That Help In Outbound Sales Prospecting

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Outbound prospecting is one of the majorly important component of the different marketing strategies of B2C marketing as well as B2B marketing. There are some specific type of tools that help in the proper functioning of the same. Five of these extremely essential tools are stated and described below.

Marketing Automation Platform:

Marketing automation platforms are one of the most important platforms that help in tracking the activities of different accounts that an organisation handles. It also helps in different types of campaigns and channels with which the organization is engaged. There are plenty of marketing automation platforms available in the online as well as offline market. Most of the organisations often use their own personalized marketing automation platform for the similar purposes.

Customer Relationship Management:

CRM or the customer relationship management is the main database that tracks all the information about different accounts. It mainly is the repository of all the contacts and opportunities offered by all the accounts. Integrating outbound prospecting along with the CRM helps in researching about all the previous, existing as well as lost opportunities. If the customer relationship management is paired with a specialized account based marketing tool then the accounts having the highest account score.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

One major fundamental of both marketing as well as sales is to be with the prospects and customers that the organisation tie up with. Without using a social media platform, there couldn’t be a prospect of the existing as well as new accounts. It also helps in creating pitch plans of for all the new accounts. In order to personalize the outreach, LinkedIn is one of the best social media platform for the similar purposes. Not all social media platforms are ideal for the same as they aren’t really professional to the same level.

Sales Communication platform:

This is one of the major platform from the sales point of view, it basically helps in utilizing, customizing and personalizing the email templates with the targeted as well as specific type of working cadences. This is done to ensure that each and every prospect is receiving the absolutely correct amount of information and that too in a constant and timely fashion. This tool can be further automated with the CRM as well as the marketing automation tool to provide a real time peek through of task tracking.

Sales Intelligence Platform:

This tool is mainly directed towards providing intelligence as well as analytics tool to the business profile managers. This is ideal for all those who make the decisions regarding for buying and selling different things. The data within the platform comprises of several organisation charts, budgets, current products, and different types of other services.

Outbound prospecting is a major element of marketing and sales. It is a critical process that requires a lot of efforts for its maintenance and some of the best type of tools for outbound prospecting are mentioned in the above section of the blog.


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