Top 5 Web Design Trends Among Corporate People Like You

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Designing a website can be complicated. Even if you know how to code effectively, there are still so many variables you have to look at in regards to your Montreal Graphic Design Print. So if you need a little help figuring out what to do with your corporate website, here are the top 5 web design trends of 2016.


Humans are naturally stimulated by visual images so if you can have your page open with an impressive and evocative HD image, you may find that increasing page rank and visitor conversion was easier than you expected.


Similarly, the font size and style you use on your website can make or break its success. These days, artistic—even calligraphic—fonts are growing in popularity. Experts say this is because they feel more personal and tangible than computer fonts like Times New Roman and Arial.


Even in this HD world, simple is always better. Dual-tone/complementary color schemes still have a strong visual impact. Limiting color also helps the viewer focus on information, which is the point in the first place, right?


There was once a time when it was exceedingly important to get as much information into a single screen as possible but those days are quickly disappearing. As such, an emerging web design trend is to intentionally require the user to scroll down through your content.

In addition, users are already used to accessing the web on mobile, and it is nearly impossible to get all pertinent information onto a single mobile web page.


Background Video: If you can shrink the frame rate down and have it play in a way that is not intrusive, this is a good method for both providing more information as well as generating ad revenue.

Hover Animations : With the rise of interest in 3D, this type of animation in android and many other things gives the illusion that a still image leaps off the page and comes to life when you hover over it with the cursor

Motion Animations: We are naturally drawn to look at moving things so a site that has exciting motion to it can not only add interest in the user, but can be more engaging, which leads to higher conversion rate.


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