Top 7 Tips To Pass ITIL Foundation Exam


ITIL service lifecycle is now implemented in a number of organizations all over the world. Such organizations prefer hiring professionals who have ITIL certification. Starting with the Foundation certification, you then appear for a number of Intermediate and Practitioner certifications to grow in your career.

If you are planning to appear for the Foundation exam soon, we have a list of 7 handy tips that can help you crack the exam in your first attempt.

 ITIL Course - Koenig Solutions 1.Look for a formal training

While ITIL exams are not known to be very difficult and a lot of aspirants clear the exam with just self-study, it is important to know that self-study is not for everyone, especially if you already have a busy professional life. Look for a reputed training provider, and you’ll be able to prepare in a much better way. With knowledgeable instructors and peers who appear for the same exam, the preparation phase would be much more successful and rewarding.

2.Clear all your queries during the training

No matter how many questions you have, make sure that you ask them all to your instructor during the training. Thorough understanding of the concepts is very important for clearing the exam. You need to demonstrate how well you understand a concept in the examination. No matter how simple or complex your doubt is, just ask!

3.Practice as much as you can

If you want to clear the ITIL certification exam in your first attempt, practice is the mantra that you should keep in mind. You can find several practice questions and sample exams on the internet that will make it easier for you to understand where you stand. The sample tests also do an excellent job of providing the actual feel of the real exam. You can also visit the official APMG website where you will find lots of sample exams which you can download for free.

4.Understand the lifecycle and capability modules thoroughly

While it is the intermediate level ITIL exams that majorly focus on the lifecycle and capability modules, Foundation certification course provides a basic understanding of these modules. Ensure that you clearly understand the modules as the exam would majorly revolve around these modules. Right from the jargons to the abbreviations, be as thorough as possible.

5.Answers should only be from ITIL perspective

A lot of candidates fail in the ITIL foundation certification exam because they answer the questions based on their own experiences in their organizations. Understand that the exam is testing how well you know the ITIL functions, processes, general concepts, roles and tools and not on what you do in your workplace. So, at the time of answering make sure that you only answer from the ITIL perspective.

6.Familiarise yourself with keywords

There are keywords that are loosely associated with the ITIL concepts. Knowing the keywords would make things easier for you during the exam as well as during the preparation. These are just terms like service design, operation level agreements, service transition, contracts, etc. which are linked to other terms. For instance, continual service improvement is linked to maintenance and service strategy is linked to customer value. If you have these keywords in the question, it’ll be easier for you to answer in the right direction.

7.Use as many real-world examples as possible

During the training phase, try to know how the ITIL concepts would relate to your organization and your workplace experience. Instructors usually use real examples, and you can create your examples inspired by your organization and experience. A lot of times aspirants fail to consider the small nuances of the real world scenarios when answering the questions. Using real-world examples would help avoid this problem.

While ITIL foundation certification exam is not known to be very complicated, it is still very important for every aspirant to be as organized and prepared as possible. Remember these tips when preparing for the exam, and you are sure to do a great job.

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