Why VPS Hosting is Right for You?


VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting has become extremely popular among the small and medium sized companies. This is the perfect solution that bridges the yawning gap between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Whether in terms of facilities or cost, it is way superior to shared hosting but slightly falls short of the dedicated servers. Though VPS is the perfect solution for SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises), it has been seen that many large companies are also adopting this hosting solution. Cheap VPS hosting provider in India provides users with hosting solution that provides them enough control on server resources.

How a VPS is created?  How does it work?

VPS can be based on either Windows OS or Linux OS. Virtualisation software is used for creating multiple virtual servers within a single machine server. Though all these virtualised servers share a single machine server, each VPS provides its customers with dedicated server hosting like experience. Each one of them gets separate virtualised disk space along with ensured amount of bandwidth, RAM, and other resources with a daily limit.

Though the user of a Virtual Private Server can’t use unlimited amount of the server resources (as the case in case of dedicated servers), a certain amount of each resource is ensured by the VPS. However, the best part of this virtualised hosting solution is that you can get a hosting solution quite similar to the dedicated one but at a price which is slightly more than that of shared hosting solution. It has been generally seen that a VPS costs around one tenth of the dedicated server.What are the leading Benefits of VPS other than Cost?

When you go for a cheap VPS Hosting provider in India, wide array of benefits are associated with VPS hosting other than the cost factor –

  • Enjoy stable hosting solution – A virtual private server ensures stability. This is one of the main advantages of this hosting solution over shared servers. In the shared servers, traffic spike in one of sites of a different user can affect your site’s performance. As the VPS server provides users with a completely segregated hosting space, traffic spike of a user of a different VPS in the same machine server will not affect your site’s performance which is hosted in a completely different VPS.
  • Performance is high – Every VPS has its own allotted resources with a maximum limit cap. Hence, you are ensured to get a certain amount of performance guaranteed. Therefore, you can get faster loading time when you use cheap Windows VPS servers or Linux based servers.
  • Flexibility of Use – Virtual Private Server ensures that you get to select your preferred OS as well as software for installation. This facility, especially regarding the choice of software and its installation in the shared server is not there. That’s why VPS is so popular among the small and medium sized businesses.
  • Resources are dedicated – Whether it is the processor or the RAM, they are dedicated in nature. In fact, the user of a VPS gets more disk space.

These are the reasons why you should go for cheap VPS hosting provider in India.

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