How to handle the roofing process in an effective manner?


While carrying out the roofing process, one should make sure that shingling is accomplished according to the requirements and specifications. Installation should be of the high quality because the shoddy work can create a lot of problems for the homeowners. Therefore, if you are planning to replace the roof, here are some things that should be kept in mind.


Shingle on shingles:

According to some experts, new shingles should not be installed on the old ones since they create stability issues. Roof made of asphalt have a total shelf life of 20 years and placing a new layer can make it very difficult for the people to diagnose the problems. Manufactures are of the view that no more than 3 layers should be installed on the roof. In such cases stripping the roof to find the issue would not be a major problem for the users.

Use the best tools:

It is extremely important to find the stripping tool to accomplish the task in an impeccable way. A crowbar is an ideal tool to strip shingles from the roof and is also called the roofers spade. It is quite similar to snow shovel fitted with array of teeth to clean the roof from the existing debris in the best possible way. In fact, by using the tool, one can remove the shingles and nails without making any extra effort.

Availing dumpster:

One of the best methods in installing the roofing is to hire a dumpster. When the stripping process is undertaken, the roof can generate lot of debris and nails. You can drop them on the ground and then call the suitable trash bin services to avail the required box for stocking the dirt. After the completion of the process, the company can take away the waste for safe disposal.

Underlay is extremely important for homeowners:

Underlay should be installed beneath the roof so that it is able to offer protection from the water leakage. Water proof material goes a long way in making the home sturdy and long lasting for the users. Prior to adding shingles on the roof, make sure that the surface is leveled. It will help in seamless installation and prevent the leakages from entering the wall. Over a period of time, professionals have started introducing an additional layer to make the materials sturdier and impregnable to seepage.


Ice guard is ideal for chilly conditions:

  • When the roof is stripped off all the shingles, it is important to look for residual nails as they may interfere with successful installation. The exercise is cumbersome as people have to walk the roof, therefore one should use ice guard as a water roofing material. One should follow the directions of usage to get the perfect output.
  • While working with the roof, one needs to wear rube soles because they provide prefect grip and prevent accidental falls. In order to spray the roof, garden hose is used to sprinkle water in all the directions. Make sure that the temperature is above the freezing point as the water might turn into ice.
  • Clogged gutters are one of the most important reasons for leakage and seepage. If they are clogged, the water builds up may aggravate the damage.
  • Preventing dry rot is one of the most important steps that should be taken while handling the installation or repairing of the roof. Roof repair at the center may cause the shingles and the plywood to sag. The best solution to the above-mentioned problem is to install a ridge vent along with the soffit vent for the free flow of the air.


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