Why You Should Hire a Home Building Inspector for Newer Home Purchases?

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There is no dispute or confusion about hiring the building inspector in Adelaide when you purchase an old house. It is required because you want to know what shape it is in. After all, your hard-earned money is involved. However, you get puzzled when somebody suggests hiring a home building inspector in Adelaide when you are buying a fresh, new house in South Australia.


Isn’t it something odd and unusual? Well, it is not actually!

Experts say that even in a new house, there could be unforeseen issues that you should get checked beforehand; and who can do it better than the home inspector? Here are some reasons you should get the new home inspected.


A new home may have hidden issues

When you buy an old home, there is a possibility of issues due to usage and wear and tear.  However, in a newly built house also there could be structural deformities. As it is true with consumer products, new homes can also have unanticipated troubles.  Since nobody had lived in it so far, it is not possible to anticipate the problems unless an expert inspects it.


The home may not be built as per code

If you think that new homes are built by following the code line by line, then you are mistaken. Certainly, it should happen, but on practical grounds, country inspectors make sure that the new construction follows the minimum building code. Also, it is not possible to check every minor aspect when the construction work is going on. Doesn’t it mean you are at risk if you buy the newly constructed home without getting inspected?

However, you won’t like missing it and facing legal troubles later. Hence, you should get the house inspected before you make the complete payment.


Why do new houses to be inspected twice?

During the construction phase, a house should be inspected twice. The first inspection should happen before the walls are closed. Here, the framing and system installation is supposed to be checked.

The second inspection should happen at the completion where every minor and major aspect is checked. Yes, they charge for both visits but don’t avoid it just for the sake of saving a few bucks.

You must understand that both inspections are equally critical. During the first visit, the home inspector can check the insulation, studs, beams, columns, and posts. The same is not possible once the walls are closed. The best thing is to request the inspector to have a review before your builder gives the final walkthrough.

It helps the inspector to find out problems that are invisible to your eyes. You can use the report given by the inspector to pressurize the builder.

Do not make payment until all the issues get rectified.

In case you are buying a readymade newly constructed house where you were not part of the construction process; you should hire an inspector on-call basis. When you are paying hefty money to buy a house, you should not mind paying a few bucks extra for inspection. It is for your own safety.


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