How to Use Salesforce for Small Business And Make it Easy?

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In just a few years Big Data has lost most of its mystery with it graduating from a little-understood term used only by geeks to a tool deployed with great success in business. While the term is now commonly used in information technology circles, it is a fact that it is yet to find widespread use in business, even though rapid advances are being made on how to leverage its potential. Those who thought of Big Data only in terms of volume are now getting around to thinking about what Big Data can actually achieve.

Salesforce Focuses On Big Data

Traditional databases were outdated and not scalable. To overcome this problem, the leader of CRM launched Wave Analytics Platform in 2014 that soon received great acclaim. Not content with its achievement, it launched the very next year the much-anticipated platform, Salesforce Wave for Big Data. The eagerly awaited Big Data platform is a product of a partnership with some of the global leaders in data management such as Google, New Relic, Hortonworks, Trifacta, Informatica, and Cloudera. According to Salesforce, the intention of forming this alliance is to assist businesses in completing the last mile for unlocking Big Data value that has traditionally eluded them, and in the process obtain new customer insights.

Explaining the critical nature of the partnership, Keith Bigelow of Salesforce said that at current rates of data volume expansion it is expected that businesses would have available as much as 44 trillion GB of data by 2020. According to estimates, without taking advantage of the power of Big Data analytics through advanced partnerships, businesses would not be able to analyze as much as 99% of the data available to them even by deploying advanced tools like It is expected that the Salesforce partnerships with the data biggies will make Big Data utilization more of a reality. Indeed, Cloudera’s Senior Director of Product &  Marketing Solutions is visibly excited about the development terming it as a heaven-made match.

Capabilities Being Brought to the Table

The unprecedented partnership of six global information technology leaders is intended to empower all users of data to delve into all data types and analyze them to take swifter action so that they are able to achieve superior outcomes. By deploying the Salesforce Wave for Big Data, businesses potentially have the capability of extending both the variety and volume of data that can be accessed at a rate that is much faster than before. The management now has the power to discover and study data patterns across CRM, HR, ERP, and more. Each of the partners joining the analytics ecosystem brings to the table certain benefits to users.

With the partnership coming into play, each and every business now has the capability of radically transforming its user experience. For example, they can use Google’s BigQuery to obtain a better overall view of the businesses with which it can leverage Big Data to enhance and improve its service delivery. Return on investment can also be boosted with the help of the huge amounts of data residing on Hortonworks.

While currently, the Salesforce for Small Business Analytics Cloud app is only available on iOS, other operating system support is expected soon. The reason why people are so excited by this development is because the partnership promises to finally make it possible for Big Data to be profitably leveraged by both small and big businesses. Apart from being able to handle huge volumes of data, the end-users are also now better equipped to analyze many different data types, especially that coming from mobile and social media channels and appreciate the implications of these rapidly-growing interactions.




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