JetSmarter and Surf Air making private flying accessible through shared jets


It’s a common belief that luxury private jets are meant for the wealthy. That however, might not be the case in 2018. With a bevy of startups gunning to leverage the airline market, customers are having a smorgasbord of service on demand. Yet, a lot of people do not reap the benefits due to the misconceptions around private jet services.

That said, commercial airlines in USA are becoming less reliable and more hassled by the day. Quite often, passengers complain about the problems they encounter while travelling in commercial airlines. According to the recent studies, the most common problems people encounter while commuting in commercial airlines:

  • Technical issues and delays: Flight delays and cancellations are becoming frequent. Hence, deviations in the flight schedules are becoming a tradition.
  • Baggage issues: People often complain about lost, damaged and delayed luggage. Moreover, extra charges on any additional baggage troublesome for several travellers.
  • TSA lines: People travelling in commercial airlines reach hours before the scheduled flight as they have to go through long queues of TSA.

There are various other problems that the passengers of commercial airlines go through, be it the rude staff or the problems in refund in case of missed flights. Private jets or shared jets are becoming the most viable option for people who wish to get rid of inconvenient flying.

The Unites States experience maximum number of trips across the world. The aviation industry in the company plays a vital role. However, considered the excellent for aviation technology and safety, the country is losing its edge. There are several problems that the industry is facing – airport congestion, delays, air traffic control, etc.

Private jet companies, like JetSmarter and Surf Air are eliminating the difficulties of commuting in commercial airlines by making private flying accessible. These companies are providing various options that allow people to travel in private jets without buying them.

Surf Air

Surf Air is a startup, flying to 17 destinations of California and Texas-hubs. The company has a fleet of nine Pilatus PC-12 turboprop planes. Offering an all-you-can fly membership for £3,150, the company provides cheap private jet fights. People can either chose to travel solo or in shared jets in Surf Air. The company has initiated a subscription plan, which allows its customers to enjoy an unlimited private-jet travel for £1,750 a month.


Florida-based startup JetSmarter is a private jet charter company. It is also known as “Uber for Private Jets” and acts as an interface between the customers and airplanes. Similar to Surf Air, JetSmarter also operates both shared and solo trips. Comparatively, it is making luxury private jets more accessible to the people through its “Jet App”. The app makes it more convenient for customers to book private jets. Customers can skip the stress of crowded airports, long lines and hassles of commercial airlines. The company offers four JetSmarter Membership plans — Charter Booking, Shared Charter, Shared Shuttles, and Jet Deals. Offering various benefits to its patrons, these membership plans make the company standout.

Both the startups are making private jet charter possible than ever before. Though, the smartphone app by JetSmarter is relatively more convenient for the commuters.



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