What You Need to Know About The Connection Between SEO and Influencer Marketing

SEO and Influencer Marketing

Standing in 2017, you are aware that there are multiple ways to draw traffic to your website. While generating quality content and publishing it at regular intervals is still necessary, it is also vital to develop smart social media marketing strategies that go hand in hand with search engine optimisation(SEO) campaigns. It is still critical that the majority of the traffic you are getting come from organic search. In the business services sector, more than sixty percent of a website’s traffic comes from organic search. Only about twenty per cent of the total traffic comes from email, referrals and emails.

Referral, though often overlooked, is still one of the best sources of traffic. Remember that word of mouth is still the most efficient when it comes to spreading brand awareness. It is here that influencer marketing can give your (SEO) efforts a solid boost. Read on to see how you can increase your website traffic without having to shell out a fortune on advertising.


Times really have changed a lot

Search optimisation had come a long way from the days of the mid-90s when search engines had just started indexing pages. Back in those days, all a smart and efficient search optimisation strategy included was selecting around twenty keywords that are most relevant to a particular industry and improving their rankings on most modern search engines. It would usually be enough to drive considerably large traffic to a website.

Now, only focusing on improving keyword ranks on search engines would inevitably meet with failure. While this process is still important, it is practically useless if not backed by other forms of digital marketing. It is because the way people search for information today has changed drastically. They do not just search for information on Google or Bing; they do it through social media and chatbots.

The phrases they use to search for information have also changed. Previously, they looked up info with two-word or three-word phrases, which were called keywords. Right now, the search phrases are longer, for example – “effects of influencer marketing on SEO”. This type of search is known as natural language search. They tend to have more detail, and their search volumes are much smaller than what it used to be even a few years ago. Thus, what is notable here that it is comparatively easier for a business to rank better through influencer marketing than through spending huge loads of money on advertising.

Social Media Marketing

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Social and search

Social media marketing has always been a good way to stay connected with a business’ target audience and to extend personal care to each member of the clientele. There is an intimate relationship between SEO and social media. Social media marketing is an excellent way of improving off page SEO. As stated above, a good SEO strategy with particular focus on lower volume content is an absolute must. It can further be supported by social media marketing (SMM). It can help you to get a steady flow of traffic from popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Moreover, Google highly values these high traffic driven websites. If your business is on these platforms, your ranking will automatically improve on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Being on social media means that your business is visible to a large number of people instantly, who can like and share the content they like on your page, thereby expanding the exposure for your business even further. It also increases your chance of getting noticed by influencer in your domain. Your content can get shared by an influencer. In the event it does, your business can be noticed by the tens of thousands of fan on their profile.


SEO Benefits of influencer marketing

Off-page SEO through social media is often dependant on the number likes and shares or retweets you are receiving on your posts as it increases your reach to a great extent. If your content gets shared by an influencer can expand your reach so much that it can benefit your lead generation efforts and give your off-page SEO efforts a solid boost. Most importantly, every bit of traffic you generate from influencer marketing is going to be organic, which in turn, adds a lot of value to your website. Imagine how much benefit you can get from the backlinks if an influencer reblogs your content!


Tips for smarter influencer marketing

  • Do not just contact anybody who seems interested. Take time to identify the influencers in your sector/industry correctly. The more fans or followers they have, they better it will be for you.
  • Make sure to create content that is not just relevant to your business goals but also is engaging enough to interest the influencers you have shortlisted.
  • Build relationships first by liking and sharing an influencer’s content before requesting them to share yours.
  • Keep track of how much content is being shared.
  • Organise events or even interviews and invite your fans as well as influencers to attend for face-to-face interaction between both.
  • Do not just stop at the influencers that you have shortlisted and/or contacted. Keep on reaching newer ones and engage them with useful content. Never stop trying to expand your business’ reach.

It is an excellent time to incorporate influencer marketing in a business’ comprehensive promotional strategy. Influencer marketing is all set to grow significantly in the coming years. Thus, this is the right time to leverage the benefits of this form of marketing to boost a business’ popularity, both digital and otherwise and ultimately improve return on investment (ROI). With millions of brands cluttering the internet with their content, influencer marketing can provide a welcome change. So buckle up and get your marketing team together to create a solid influencer strategy and boost your brand’s popularity. To know more about search engine optimisation , please visit the site –


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