How to Run a Homeowner Association Management


The responsibilities of the HOA Board of Directors are heavy; the quality of living of communities vastly depends upon them. Each specific member of the board has their own respective duties and roles, depending on the position that they were elected to.

The following discusses these said duties in length, in order for homeowners to better understand HOAs. With sufficient knowledge about the roles of each elective position, homeowners are able to vote wisely, assigning the person they see best fits the responsibility of the post.


This is the highest attainable position in the Homeowners Association board, and thus, the president generally has the most number of responsibilities. Among these duties include the appointment of committees, execution of contracts, and daily administration of the HOA.

The most important issues are commonly addressed to the president of the board; as it signifies the urgency of the matter. Directly addressing the president also allows your concern to be prioritized, especially if it is a valid one. That being said though, homeowners are more than welcome to approach any officer to ask for assistance.


As commonly believed, secretaries are in charge of the written aspects of being a board leader. They take care of the tedious task of maintaining a list of members, recording mailings, and keeping the minutes of the meeting. More often than not, the secretary is assigned to make a summarized report of what had occurred during board meetings.


Aligned with the common duties of a treasurer, their responsibilities include taking care of the financial factors of the organization. It is their duty to keep the receipts of all the transactions made in the name of the HOA board. Furthermore, the task of properly allocating the HOA funds and budget is commonly assigned to them.

Additional Roles

These aren’t the only roles available in the board of directors, but these are the most essential ones. Simply put, the HOA board is able to function properly because these three fulfill their corresponding duties.

Additional roles could include the vice president, peace officer, and other positions of the same kind. The vice president’s role lies in the assistance of the president, where they take charge of the HOA board in the occasion that the president is unable to, while the peace officer is in charge with maintaining the order in the community.


The members of the board are elected through a vote system, wherein homeowners fill up a ballot containing the names of the nominated candidates. The person with the most votes for a designated position then wins, attaining the position that they vied for.

This is commonly done every four years, where the elected officers are renewed every fourth year of holding their positions. This may vary depending on the rules of your particular community, the minimum of which is an annual reelection.

If one performed well as an officer, gaining the respect and admiration of the homeowners, they are often allowed to run another time, although the winners of the election still depends on the results of the vote.




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