How to Select the Right Sign Company


No matter how digital we go, our businesses are still running on the ground and they need proper representation. This means that we need proper signs. Whether it is at the top of your store or the one you have on the highway, signs are an important part of your business. They carry your brand and identity.

To ensure that a sign is executed properly, we must select the right sign Broward company. Since the company will be in charge of the sign design and installation, the right selection in the beginning will ensure the right execution.

Ask for portfolio: Past work is the best way to judge a signage company’s ability. You can only judge this through their portfolio. A huge volume is not the key here. Rather, you must look for the quality of work. Look for the creatives and the execution. The designs should be clear and effective in communicating the message, whether it’s simple branding or an advertisement.

Expertise: Usually experienced sign companies offer a varied expertise in signs and working with different surfaces. You should still check their past portfolio to ensure that they have worked on the kind of signage surface you need, whether glass, metal, plywood or fabric.

Manufacturing: Ensure that the company has the manufacturing expertise to carry out the task. Some companies outsource the actual job, in which case there are bigger chances of errors and accounting becomes more complicated. So, check that the company can make the sign at their premises. You can ask to walk through their workshop and check their processes yourself.

Team: In some cases the actual design may already be in place. For instance, if you have an established brand, you may just need someone to execute the sign for you. However, if you are looking for more creative input, you may want to look for an agency that also has a creative team.

Inclusions: Creating a sign is only a part of the job. After this comes the installation and maintenance. So, check if the agency also performs these tasks. This is especially important for installation since some of these can be tricky. Also, check the stability of the company, its years in the business to gauge if it will be able to carry out maintenance over the next few years.

Apart from these factors you should also ask for references from prospective sign Broward companies and follow them up. A reputation for reliability, prompt communication and professionalism are the positives you are looking for.




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