5 Tech Skills to Get Better Jobs in 2018


For people who have not yet succeeded in getting a good job in the previous year, 2018 can be the year for them. Aspirants who wish to make it big in the technology market, learning some technologies can surely shoot their career to the peak.

Some of the skills that are going to remain highly demanded in 2018 are discussed below:


Data Science


Data Science has been tagged as the sexiest job of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review. This domain helps the potential candidates become data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, etc., which are some of the highly coveted profiles in the employment market.


Clearly, this domain is full of opportunities. An important aspect is that working in this domain just requires the candidate to have a sound knowledge of mathematics, statistics and a little bit of programming.

Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence technologies are helping companies make significant decisions by gathering data from multiple platforms and analyzing them in real-time. Tools like Tableau, Informatica, SAP HANA, Power BI, Microstrategy, etc., are highly in-demand among the various companies. Learning business intelligence tools will help you become market research specialists, business analysts, etc., and earn good money this year.


Big Data Professional


Big Data has created a lot of buzz lately due to the immense scope of development provided by it. Most of the tech and non-tech firms are developing cutting-edge technologies with the help of big data tools and learning it will be one of the best career decisions made by you.

Technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Scala, etc., are some of the highly popular big data technologies top-notch companies are searching the skilled candidates for.


Cloud Computing


When businesses are going on the cloud, the need for cloud computing professionals is on the rise. This domain is clearly in demand and is expected to remain so in coming years. Hence the candidates, who have sound knowledge and hands-on experience in this field, can definitely see themselves working for top MNCs. Technologies like fog computing, containers, dockers, etc., are being highly used by top-notch firms across the globe creating a huge pool of job opportunities for aspirants.


Blockchain Technology


A digital ledger of transactions based on cryptography is almost set to revolutionize the world of technology with its security provisions. With countries like India and China investing into this technology for their banking systems, a certified Blockchain professional has always a high probability to get a high-paying job in 2018. Blockchain technology is on the boom attracting companies towards it. Top tech players in the market are investing in this technology and hence learning this technology will surely take your career to the next level.


Bottom Line


Though technology domain is open for all sorts of aspirants, if you have a sound knowledge or experience in working on the above-mentioned ones, you have strong chances of getting hired this year with a handsome paycheck in hand. Needyin is one such portal that allows people to find suitable job options in their preferred locations. Register yourself on Needyin and find a suitable job in no time.


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