Top Universities In Europe: The Only Guide You Need


Top Universities in Europe

Europe is a home for many of the top universities around the world. The UK boasts of being the leader in Europe, with four universities in the top 10 and 16 universities in the top 100. Out of these, the University of Cambridge grabs the fifth place, and the University of Oxford is at sixth place. Other than the UK, Switzerland likewise has two universities ranked in the top 15 around the world. These two Singapore universities are ETH Zurich on the 10th place and EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) on the 12th place.

Other top universities in Europe are France’s ENS Paris which is ranked 43rd in the world and Ecole Polytechnique which is at 59th position. Germany’s Technische Universität München is on 64th position. The University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands’ holds 58th position and Denmark’s University of Copenhagen is on 73rd position.

Why should you choose Europe as a study destination?

Europe hosts over a million students every year from around the world. Europe has thousands of top-notch universities, higher institutions and research centers that make it the most desired study destination. There are several reasons why you should choose Europe as your study destination like world-class education, multicultural atmosphere, research opportunities, scholarships and diversity in the programs.

Education in Europe will definitely give you the exact skills, knowledge, and experience required by the employers. Europe is a remarkable place to shape your career with vigorous creative and research sectors. Moreover, education in Europe is highly affordable, international students have options of paying either full tuition fees, no fees or moderate fees depending on the program, institution and the country this definitely supports international students as in our country many students look for economical study option.

Costs and Scholarships

Studying in Europe is very worthwhile. European countries invest sufficiently in their higher education systems not just to help to make the education affordable for all the students but to also maintain high-quality standards. There are numbers of scholarships schemes also available in Europe for international students. Some schemes cover some part of the tuition fees but some cover all of the tuition fees plus support living costs too you just need to explore. Majorly all the European countries allow international students to work part-time along with their studies, this again is a relief for international students as they can recover at least the living expenses by that.

How to apply in the European universities and what about Visa formalities?

Application requirements for international students in Europe differ from country to country and also depends on the country you apply from. To get all the answer to the questions you must have about education in Europe you may consult a study overseas consultant, just google Study overseas consultant in Dwarka (if you are residing in Dwarka) and you will get all the nearby consultants name. The benefit of referring a consultant is that you get professional assistance for the entire process. You can get help from application, documentation and till visa application process.



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