What You Should Consider Before Pursuing a Business Analyst Career

Analyst Career

Choosing a career can be difficult, and you should not rush into making a decision that will affect you until you retire. If you want to pursue a career in business and are starting to believe that a career as a business analyst might be the right option for you, there are a number of different considerations that you need to think about before finalizing your decision to pursue this as a career. This article will cover some of the most pressing questions that you need to ask yourself before taking the first step onto this career path.

What job opportunities are there?

Firstly, there is no point in pursuing a career in which there are little job opportunities, as this could affect your financial situation, progression potential, and your quality of life in the future. However, there are a great many opportunities for business analysts at the moment, and becoming a business analyst will open your resume up to a great many job roles in business.

Business analyst careers are usually focused around the mining, handling and understanding of a company’s information, and you will usually work with a business owner to help them to establish weaknesses within their business and to improve their sales and operations, both online and in real life. For instance, business analysts may be able to become data scientists, management consultants, or data engineers. If any of these potential job roles are starting to interest you, click here to find out more information about each of them and the steps that you need to take in order to obtain your dream job position.

How in-demand is your chosen career?

If you are concerned about whether deciding to become a business analyst is the right option for you, you should find out whether your chosen career is in demand, and whether this demand is stable or whether it will fluctuate over time. At the moment, due to the ever-increasing domination of technology and the reliance of businesses on computers, business analysts are in demand as individuals for whom businesses can rely upon to help them to improve their company. This demand is exacerbated by the transitional period that many companies are currently in. Their focus on digital transformation is increasing their reliance on business analysts, with over 90% of companies facing obstacles when it comes to this transformation. Business analysts can help to drive change in terms of these processes and can communicate how they operate to the business’s employees.

What potential is there for business analysis in the future?

37% of young workers are concerned about technology taking their jobs, but should business analysts be?

Business analysts should not be concerned about the future of their career path and the demand for them, as analysis is set to be an integral part of the business world for many years to come. Even though many individuals are worried about the effect of robotics and automation on their jobs, business analysts perform complex and insightful tasks that cannot not be completed by robots. In fact, they can even work with robots to help businesses to act on the information that they provide.

Not only this, but as technology develops and improves, there will be greater demand for business analysts in terms of technology such as Big Data and the IoT. Rather than taking their jobs away, there will still be opportunities for analysts in light of these tech revolutions. These will provide business analysts with more data to work with and more technical challenges to help businesses to overcome.

What type of employment are you looking for?

As a business analyst, there are many options that you can pick from in terms of finding the right employment situation for you. For instance, although many business analysts work for a single company, there are also many that are employed by consulting firms and who work on individual projects until their completion. You should also consider whether you want to work alone or whether you want to work within a team of data experts or consultants, like you would if you were to work for an employer rather than for an agency. These options can sway your career path and ensure that you are able to choose a job situation that suits your lifestyle and personality.

To become a business analyst, you should have:

  • Great communication skills
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Have a natural aptitude for math and number
  • Have a good knowledge of business

What progression opportunities are there?

However, progression opportunities are often a major factor for those who are just starting out on their career path, and there is no shortage of these in the world of business analysis. The wide range of job opportunities that are available mean that business analysts can often specialize in a certain area and that they can move with the times to establish more responsibilities and expertise.

These specialisms include:

  • Stakeholder engagement or other KPIs
  • Data analysis or business management
  • Certain business sectors, like retail or manufacturing

Not only this, but as you begin to become more experienced, you can begin to take on jobs that require project management consultants and other management type roles, much like the type of progression that you would see in other job roles.

Although there is the opportunity to work for another business in a permanent role, there is also the opportunity to work as a freelance consultant or to start your own consultancy or data analysis business. This can allow you to be more flexible and choose the jobs that you take on. Having control of your own enterprise can be an excellent way to advance your career as you gain experience and to help you to boost your salary in the future.

To become a freelance analyst or consultant, you should:

  • Set up your own website
  • Create a personal LinkedIn or social media profile
  • Start networking immediately in order to establish your business and start to make in-roads in order to find your first clientele.

Becoming a business analyst is a fulfilling way to make a difference to companies and help them to become the best version of their business that is possible. Not only this, but the growth in demand for business analysts makes this an excellent job choice for those that are looking for job security and a stable salary both now and in the future. To become a business analyst, you should start looking into the qualifications and experience that you will need to pursue this career choice today.


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