Hyderabad: An upcoming hub for destination weddings in India

destination weddings

The most typical places that your mind would wander off to while thinking about destination weddings would be Kerela, Goa, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Neemrana and the likes. Have you ever thought about selecting an out of the box unique place as the destination where you could get married? Well, if you read the title, you know which city we are talking about.


Hyderabad, the royal city of Nizams, Charminar, and Biryani, is not only a great tourist destination and a popular choice of travel among foreigners, but it is also growing to be a great option for hosting destination weddings in India. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider Hyderabad as one of the top choices for your wedding this wedding season:


The royal touch: Everyone dreams of a grand and royal romantic wedding once in their lifetime. Given that a wedding is a very special occasion in everyone’s lives, it is only logical that you make the most of it. Hyderabad gives you the opportunity to get as royal as possible. It is appropriately known as the city of Nawabs for a very valid reason. The pomp and grandeur of a Hyderabad wedding would be one that you will not be able to forget for a lifetime. It will also be etched in the memory of your guests forever. The rustic old-school charm and the world-class luxury experience combined make for an unforgettable wedding.


A variety of venues: One is highly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a wedding venue in Hyderabad for a destination wedding. Taj Falaknuma Palace, Imperial Gardens, N Convention Centre, Fort Grand Shamshabad, and Marriott are only some of the names that reflect the luxurious banquet halls available in Hyderabad for a wedding ceremony and pre-wedding functions. Whether you are looking for the charm and royalty that comes with heritage or basic accommodation options with all the necessary amenities and facilities, Hyderabad has everything. Besides, it has options that suit everyone’s budget as well.


Weather and connectivity: There are three factors that are highly in favour of Hyderabad, making it an upcoming popular choice among couples planning a destination wedding. The weather in the city is highly suitable for a major part of the year, which also happens to overlap the wedding season in India (October to March). The connectivity of the city through all modes of transportation is very well and guests can easily plan their travel arrangements.


Wedding packages and services: The best part about it being an upcoming hub for destination weddings is that wedding-related services are also growing rapidly within the city. From catering to decor and wedding planners to photographers, you can find the best of everything within the boundaries of Hyderabad at the best prices. In addition to that, Hyderabad also offers all the amenities of a metropolitan city and is very well developed as compared to other cities one may explore to host destination weddings.