5 Podcasts to Listen To While Trucking For Long Hours


Truckers beware: It isn’t easy trying to stay sharp while trucking for extended hours.

Not only do you have to fight boredom, sleep and tiredness, but truckers also have to prevent their journey from becoming uninteresting and dull. Otherwise, if they take their attention off the road, truckers might put their safety and those of others on the road in danger.

Whether you own your truck or have a truck loan, it’s important you turn your truck into your home away from home since you’ll be spending a lot of time in it. Which is why we recommend listening to podcasts while trucking.

By churning out what you want to hear, podcasts keep you attentive and sharp during their travels. And the best part about them? Unlike your FM radio which delivers random stuff, you can select podcasts which meet your taste.

Let’s check out the five podcasts you should listen to while trucking for long hours.

Best News Podcast for Truckers: BBC Global News

Miss that feeling of sitting on your sofa and watching your favorite news channel? The BBC Global News — with its twice-a-weekday editions — will make sure that you keep updated of what’s happening around the road.

Comprising of 30 minutes, these podcasts deliver the best news from the BBC World Service. Also, unlike other news podcasts which you might be currently listening to, BBC Global News is never on a holiday. That means you get daily podcasts on the weekends as well.

Therefore, whether it’s the future of Donald Trump, the fate of Brexit or the elections in Africa that you’re worried about, the BBC Global News podcast will keep you posted.

Best History Podcast for Truckers: Revisionist History

Had a knack for history in high school? Then you must check out this podcast by famous Canadian author Malcolm Gladwell. However, in case you are wondering what it would be just another dull podcast about history, let us assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Why? The clue is in its name. “Revisionist History” examines historical figures and events in a light different to what your average history books take. That means that by listening to this podcast, you’ll hear a new (and informed) viewpoint.

That said, the best part of this podcast is the inquisitive, funny and critical stance taken by its host, the acclaimed novelist Malcolm Gladwell. That, in turn, makes sure that your attention never wanders away during the playtime of this podcast.

Best Motivational Podcast for Truckers: The Daily Boost

Finding it hard to get back in your positive groove? Not being able to take your mind away from those negative, self-destructive thoughts? Truck drivers actually have one of the highest rates of depression, and truckers often face suicidal thoughts. So it’s important to find something that keeps you feeling positive.

Want something that could give you an extra push to get through the journey? Then you’re in dreamland with The Daily Boost podcast.

Broadcasted every day since 2006, The Daily Boost podcast follows what its fans refer to as “Scott Logic”, named after Scott Smith, the podcast host who uses his own experiences, love of words and common sense lessons to give you a reason to welcome every day with a broad smile.

And the best part about this podcast? It isn’t cheesy, ineffective or predictable as most motivation podcasts tend to be. Instead, Scott Smith makes sure that his tone — and the content of his podcast — remain fresh, funny and relatable.

Best Entertainment Podcast for Truckers: Comedy Bang! Bang!

With more than 550 shows to its credit, Comedy Bang! Bang! is arguably one of the most popular comedy podcasts out there. You can gauge the popularity of this podcast from the fact that ever since its inception in 2009, rarely a week has passed when the host Scott Aukerman didn’t treat its users with a new episode.

What makes this podcast special? Instead of talking about comedy, the host and his guests — celebs whose name you can recall merely by hearing their voice — actually do comedy. They do that by playing the role of outrageous characters doing outrageous things.

Sometimes, the whole podcast is over within 20 minutes. Sometimes, it goes over an hour. Regardless of the duration, one thing is guaranteed: you will be laughing your heart out at the end of the podcast.

Best Radio Drama Podcast for Truckers: Serial

Called as the greatest murder mystery that you will ever hear —Serial is a radio drama that has gathered a cult following in its first three seasons. So popular has this podcast become that its host has taken home several high-profile awards.

Based on investigative journalism, Serial involves its host narrating a nonfiction criminal story, with an unforeseen ending. Therefore, if you are a fan of a story line which involves a journalist solving real-life investigative problems through life-endangering research, you’ll absolutely fall in love with Serial.

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