As a Business Owner, how Often Does Your Marketing Plan Need to be Re-Evaluated?


When you own a business, you have plenty to think about. You need to make sure the day to day operations of your business are running smoothly. You need to manage your employees, ensuring that everyone is productive and happy in the workplace. And you need to deal with issues of customer satisfaction, ensuring that the people who support your business with their dollar are happy with their choice.

But one of the most foundational things any business owner must deal with is marketing. You need to promote your business to potential customers and get them through the door. If you can’t successfully do this, you will find yourself struggling quickly.

There are several qualities of a good marketing plan, but one of the most important is that it must be dynamic. You need to be ready to change the plan if its effectiveness wanes. And you need to be on the alert to see whether that is going to happen.

Did Your Marketing Plan Live Up to Your Expectations?

When you put your marketing plan together, it should contain anticipated results. These should be quantifiable, something you can easily point to and pinpoint whether the plan was a success or not. You should review the actual results as compared to your anticipated results at regular intervals—monthly, quarterly, and yearly—to determine whether your current plan is operating the way you want it to.

Obviously, if your marketing plan is not returning the results you were hoping for, it’s time to jettison that plan and come up with something else. However, even if your marketing plan is performing up to par, it’s no time to become complacent. A marketing message can quickly grow stale. Keep an eye on the results your message is having, but in the meantime, you need other barometers. If your marketing stops working, you want to be out in front of the problem.

Other Times to Change Your Marketing Strategy

There are a few other times when it makes sense to change up your marketing strategy. It would be missing an opportunity to fail to make a change for any of the following:

  • Customer Satisfaction. Survey your customers regularly and find out what they think about your marketing. You can use their responses to tweak your message.
  • New Product Launches. This is both an obvious and excellent time to make a marketing push. Put your energy behind promoting whatever’s new.
  • Quarterly. Many businesses make it a practice to change up their marketing on a quarterly basis, and this is a good idea. It allows you the time to develop comprehensive strategies, and at the same time leaves you with enough flexibility to try new things regularly.

Whatever you choose to do in your business marketing, be tracking the results, and be aware that the need may come to make a change. One of the worst things any business can do is get comfortable on the same marketing strategy and stop evaluating its success. Like the food in a restaurant, marketing must be kept fresh.

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