10 E-Commerce Trends You Can No Longer Ignore in 2019

e-Commerce Trends

Few industries can pride themselves on flourishing as much ase-Commerce and there are some exciting trends to follow in the industry at the horizon. In 2019, the e-commerce sector is expected to experience a fulminant growth and new exciting trends are already making their presence known. Below are some trends that e-commerce layers can no longer ignore and have to implement in 2019.


#1. Improved Logistics and Fast Delivery

Same day or next day delivery is a type of service online shoppers seem to appreciate more and more. Amazon, like always is a trendsetter and was the first to implement such delivery services. A couple of years ago, the retailer opened a series f delivery and shipping centres across the US to facilitate same-day or next-day deliveries for Amazon Prime clients.

e-commerce platforms able to offer same-day or next-day delivery services will thrive in 2019. If you don’t offer similar services, you might want to improve your logistics network and operational flow to improve your time parameters.

#2. AI and ML Integration

Today, we stumble upon machine learning and artificial intelligence daily. Following the Netflix model, e-commerce platforms are expected to incorporate similar pieces of technology to facilitate product recommendations and suggestions, uncovering what online shoppers seem to prefer to shop for, depending on their socio-economic coordinates and the communities they attend online, AI and ML will soon be used to divide consumers by chopping preferences based on the data gathered from previous purchases.

ML has already been widely adopted by a growing number of e-commerce platforms and the disruption is due to continue in 2019 as well.


#3. Augmented Reality and a New Perspective

Augmented reality is no longer a novelty. In 2019,we are due to witness a revolution in terms of e-commerce platforms. For instance, Ikea is using augmented reality to allow buyers to test and combine various pieces of furniture on their home layouts.

e-commerce platforms should look forward to incorporating this particular technology with their platforms as it gains progressively more traction. For instance, clothing retailers can introduce new features based on Augmented Reality to allow their shoppers to “try on” different clothing before hitting the “place order” button.

10 e-Commerce Trends You Can

#4. Mobile Checkout and IOT

Mobile checkout and secure payment systems are highly popular for e-commerce platforms across a series of sectors. Reputable UK wholesale ribbon suppliers emphasize the fact that today’s consumers are eager to access fast and reliable payment systems incorporated on e-commerce websites. And with the fintech revolution, these payment systems grow in diversity and reliability. Besides, big players in the tech sector like Google and Applehave also developed their own payment systems: Google Pay and Apple Pay.

And ribbon suppliers across the UK are not the only ones to incorporate late financial technologies and systems with their platforms, this is a trend present across all sectors.

#5. Voice Search Capabilities

Voice search will be the biggest 2019 e-commerce trend. This year voice search will be a disruptive element that we can claim with certainty that will drive enormous changes in 2019. Smart home appliances have already been widely adopted by homeowners all over the world. Amazon Echo, Alexa and Google Home Units have been extensively used for voice searches and the data gathered from those pieces of technology can help companies increase consumer loyalty and boost reoccurring purchases among them.

Sales completed via these devices offer sellers a series of upsell opportunities and rates that surpass 60% have already been observed across a series of product lines.

#6. Research Online Purchase Offline

Research Online and Purchase Offline, or ROPO is an increasingly popular trend among consumers. The trend is driven by novel consumer behaviours and has been initially observed among thrifty shoppers. The consumers in a constant search for bargains feel the need to do their research online and go in physical shops to test and analyse the products before purchasing them.

The trend is only the natural evolution of the bargain hunter in the digital era. The last 15 years of digitalization have culminated consumer empowerment. According to this study, 82% of consumers online their smart devices to search online for local businesses and local searches usually result in sales within the next 24 hours. In this context, investing in Google Ads seems like a good investment for local businesses. According to a series of data, each 1 pound spent on Google Ads results in more than 45 pounds of sales revenue.

e-Commerce Trends 2019

#7. Storefront Apps

2019 will be changed by storefront apps, given the pronounced shift from desktop use to mobile use. Storefront apps are not a novelty in for e-commerce, but a wider adoption has only been recently observed. In 2019, even smaller businesses will leverage this technology to boost their sales and revenue. According to a recent study, conversion rates are 40% higher in this case than in the case of mobile sites. This might be caused by the fact that today’s shoppers are app consumers as well.

#8. Native Shopping

A great example of native shopping is Pinterest’s Shop for the Look feature. Having a visual representation of the look motivates shoppers to purchase the outfit more easily and without second-guessing their choices. This type of technology has already been implemented by a series of shopping apps and is even highly popular on Facebook.

#9. Chatbots and Online Shopping Assistants

Using chatbot advertising and online shopping assistants seems like a natural thing to do, in the Facebook Messenger context. In e-commerce platforms’ case, things can be taken up a notch. Fast and simple ordering processes for customers, assisting them throughout the process and more. Domino’s has already implemented a chatbot order placement feature. This is due to become a huge plus in face of the competition.

#10. High-Quality Product Presentation Videos

High-quality product presentation videos are expected to change the way consumers interact with companies and products, but also the way they take shopping decisions. High-quality presentation videos that accurately address your products’ design and functionality are expected to be incorporated aggressively in the near future by e-commerce platforms.


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