Maintaining a Positive Attorney Client Relationship

Client Relationship

As a lawyer, you will be spending much of your time with your clients. Keeping a positive relationship with them is essential for both parties and is a great contributor to your overall success. By earning a good reputation, you are more likely to be offered better projects. Every client will be different, with some trickier than others, but there are ways you can ensure a smooth relationship is kept.

Understanding Expectations

Understanding expectations goes both ways. The chances are your client already has an idea of you and what they expect you to do for them. In your first meeting, make sure you both put everything on the table when it comes to expectations. Be clear about what you offer, and don’t omit any information they need to hear about their case. Setting up this way will erase any misunderstandings down the line that could affect both the relationship and the case itself.


Your client will expect professionalism, so you must deliver that. By keeping up with your tasks you will ensure that the case goes as smoothly as possible. Don’t fall behind on anything by keeping a diary and making sure everyone you’re working with stays on top of the game. This includes using the best experts for each job, like a court transcription service for the write up of recorded interviews. After all, the more tasks given to others, the more time you have to focus on your clients.


You and your client need open, honest communication. A client wants a lawyer who keeps them uptodate with the case and doesn’t omit crucial information. By being forward, you will form a bond of trust which will contribute greatly to your positive relationship. Show them that they can rely on you and your word by putting their needs first and communicating well.

Be Willing to Put in a Little Extra

Sometimes it takes something a little extra to please clients. If they’ve worked with other lawyers before, then they’ll already have expectations. By delivering more than they expect, they will appreciate your services and will be likely to recommend you to others.


Compassion isn’t the main part of being a lawyer, but it helps. If you have clients who you don’t try to understand, they will feel that. By putting yourself in their shoes, you see things from their perspective, improving your compassion and the ability to understand what they want from you. You don’t need to cry for them but understanding how they’re feeling will go a long way towards cultivating a positive relationship.

Choose Clients Wisely

At the beginning of your career, you will need to take on as many clients as you are offered. Over time, however, you will be able to be picky. If you are at this stage, then you should choose your clients wisely. If you feel like one is going to be extremely difficult, or it isn’t your area of expertise, then you don’t have to work with them. They will appreciate your honesty, and it will mean that the clients you do take on are ones you can help to the best of your ability.