Partying in Goa this New Year? Must have these things in your Travel Bag


Partying in Goa this New Year? Must have these things in your Travel Bag

So, you have planned for Goa this New Year and you are all fuzzy about what to pack! Well, that is quite simple as in winters, the temperature merely goes up to 30 degrees and hence, it is not at all bone chilling. Therefore, you needn’t pack anything hefty like ‘a bag packed for hill station!’ You can keep it light with other essential to be used during your journey and in Goa.

Let us get started with the essentials you need to put in your bag for a Trip to Goa this New Year.

  • A neck pillow and eye mask for international travelers

If you have chosen a long haul air journey, you will definitely need a neck pillow and eye mask. These two will play your best friends during the journey to Goa.

  • Beachwear with other clothes

Goa is famous as a beach destination of India and in winters, it is still going to be hot. Therefore, you can flaunt your latest bikini or beachwear without letting your body suffer in the cold. The other options which you can look to include in daily clothing are cotton clothes, shorts, skirts and trouser.

  • Party dresses

As the main motive to be in Goa is to celebrate the New Year, some party dresses are mandatory. Girls can pack low-cut dresses and gowns, whereas boys if like can pack Tuxedo or go with any dress they are comfortable with.

  • Breathable woolens

Goa is not so cold during day time, but evening definitely is. Therefore, make sure to pack some breathable cardigans and sweaters. Jumpers could be better options too.

  • Proper covering dresses if visiting churches and temples

Goa has some distinct rule that if anybody, whether male or female, are visiting temple or churches, their shoulder and legs should be properly covered.

  • Hat and sunglasses

Despite of imparting trendy looks, these two will help combat the hot sun and it directs rays. However, if you did not have any such idea, you can even buy one from the markets in Goa.

  • Sunscreen Cream

At the beach, the sun rays would be very harsh to your skin which could make your skin too much dry. In order to have a protection from the direct sun rays, sunscreen with SPF factor is must to pack. Other toiletries which you must include are Shower gel, Shampoo and Moisturizer.

  • Comfortable Shoes and Sandals

Flip-flops are very popular and easy for beach walks. So give your professional shoe rest for some time and go for a beach footwear.

  • Wet wipes and hand sanitizers

Water is not easily available at all places in Goa and hence, you must keep wipes and sanitizer to keep germs away from you.

  • Power bank

This is the most important part of the traveling list. In the age of social media, how can you forget to stay updated on FB and Instagram. But if your cell phone would die in the middle, the dream will remain the dream. Therefore, you must include a power bank and a right adapter that will help you right away when your mobile phone flashes ‘battery Low’ in Goa.

  • A camera

Obviously you are in Goa for a trip, how can you miss to take memoirs of the journey. So, pack a good digital camera which could capture the best of your journey in Goa.

Goa is known to be the paradise for the tourists and party lovers. It is the most happening place in India and its sparkled more during New Year Eve. So, be the part of the glitz and glam to give a remarkable start to this new year.