Qualities to Look For in a White Label Digital Marketing Partner

Digital Marketing Partner

Partnering a white label PPC agency can be a win-win situation for all – the client gets high-quality solutions in their area of need and as a small digital marketing agency or web development firm, you offer a quality service without necessarily possessing in-depth expertise. However, white labelling does have its challenges and you need to select a partner after careful thought.

Here are some qualities to look for in a potential PPC management partner:

#1 Benefits of White Label PPC

When you outsource to a white label PPC services provider, you can expand service offerings and create additional revenue streams. Whether it is campaign development, implementation, ongoing management, auditing or reporting, you can deliver a comprehensive set of marketing solutions as requested by your clients. When you provide high-quality solutions, your clients will look at you as a marketing industry expert and want to build long-term partnerships with you.

#2 Challenges of Outsourcing PPC

A white label PPC services agency provides solutions under your brand name – so it’s your reputation at stake. When you have a demanding client that asks many questions, requires frequent clarifications or requests numerous revisions, it can be quite difficult to liaison with the agency to address all needs quickly. Problems may also arise if the agency does not have experience in delivering solutions specific to a client’s industry. Reporting is another difficult area because of differences in client expectations and solutions offered by a white label partner agency.

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#3 Established and Experienced Agency

Don’t look for a white label PPC agency offering the cheapest solutions. Instead, give priority to an agency’s credentials and experience. Look for an agency that possesses a strong track record of providing high-quality solutions to clients that belong to different economic sectors. A consistent track record is indicative of the agency’s reputation and customer loyalty.

#4 Nurtures Trust and Confidentiality

Trust is key to obtaining successful outcomes from a white label PPC services provider. You are placing your client’s project in someone else’s hands, so look for the most trustworthy hands you can find. You are also going to share client information with a third party, so looking for a trustworthy partner is absolutely critical to protecting yours’ and your clients’ interests. Additionally, you don’t want a partner who will compete with you for business – you want a company you can trust to act with confidentiality and discretion.

#5 Provides Effective Communication

To counter communications gaps that can set in when you outsource to a white label PPC agency, you need to look for a firm that offers superior communication with frequency and timely responses being the most important characteristics. This will, in turn, allow you to step up your own communication with the end client. Partner a white label company that is reputed for clear and effective communication at all stages of engagement.

#6 Is Honest and Transparent

A good white label agency will be honest and transparent from the very beginning. If the project involves work that is outside their area of expertise, they will communicate it at the very beginning to avoid delivering poor quality solutions. To help clients review performances of PPC ad campaigns, they provide in-depth reports on a wide variety of key performance indicators such as impressions, CTR, CTA, bounce rates, channels and most importantly, ROI.

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#7 Stays on Top of Trends

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, so it’s very important to partner a white label agency that has certified professionals on its staff who stay on top of digital marketing trends and understand the nuances of algorithm changes. This enables them to revise strategies and provide the most effective solutions which are in the client’s best interests.

If you’re looking to set up a meaningful, mutually beneficial white label PPC partnership, get in touch with a reputed solutions provider!

Ajay Sharma has more than 4.5-year experience in Digital Marketing and working as a PPC & SEO Analyst in a reputed white label PPC agency providing PPC outsourcing services and still learning new marketing tactics. And he is the Author at TechWebSpace.com. Also, loves music, travelling, adventure, family and friends.