Tips to Find The Right Tow Bar For The Vehicle


If you are going to outdoor locations for long tours, it is important to select suitable Towbar to drive away the caravan in style. Due to the complex design of the modern SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks, one should select the bars after research and careful deliberations. Buying a misfit could do more harm than good during a journey; therefore, pursue the following tips to make the right choice in an easy manner:

Types of Towbars:

Bolt on a ball is one of the oldest forms of bars quite popular in the UK. It is preferred by the caravaners travelling with cycle accessories. The bar is secured to the flange plates with the bolts. Latter is permanently attached to the vehicle and would go a long way in moving caravan from one place to another in a seamless manner. If people want to pull a lighter weight less than 1250Kg, they can easily use the 50mm tow bars without any problem.

One of the most important advantages of the bolt on a ball is that they are quite versatile and can be used with various accessories. Some of them include rear steps, drop plates and many more devices. In fact, the fixed and detachable devices have equal carrying capacity. Users can buy both versions of the bars to perform the task in a convenient way.

Swan neck bars are also popular among the vehicle owners. They are aesthetically appealing to the eyes and have a better design when compared to the flanges. Due to streamlined appearance, the neck bars impart a far cleaner look to the vehicle and caravan.

Height is one of the most important parameters:

Height is one of the most important parameters for the users. Center of the tow ball should not be more than 420mm from the ground when it is completely raised. While selecting the bar, ensure that it is of the same conventional height as the vehicle to eliminate the problem of alignment.

One of the best options is to buy height adjustable device that can be seamlessly used to set the level of towing both in the on-road towing and off-road driving.

Directive regulations:

As far as the directives are concerned, the centre of tow ball should be more than 350mm from the ground when the vehicle is fully stuffed with goods. In order to ensure optimum stability, the height of the coupling device has to be taken into account. While carrying caravan, its nose needs to be pointing downwards for better manoeuvrability in the traffic.

Horizontal clearance:

One should purchase the Towbar, but make sure that it has a 65mm clearance between a centre and the nearest vertical part of the vehicle body. As a result, one can easily meet the rules and regulations without special effort. Prior planning and research are required before investing money into tow bars.

Nose weight is the key for users:

The device with lower nose weight goes a long way in making the whole process easy for the users. It is the pressure that a caravan exerts on the vehicle and according to the standards, the total force does not to exceed more than 7% of the weight. Bigger cars and SUVs provide more than 100 kg; however, it is important for the users to keep it as low as possible.

Breakaway attachment is essential to ensure the reliability of the components. It is a safety measure to provide protection in case the caravan breaks away from the vehicle during transportation.

Breakaway cable applies brakes on the trailer and blocks its movement once it gets detached from the towing vehicle.