Top Salesforce Integration Tools to Enhance Your Sales and Revenue

Salesforce integration tool

Salesforce is a standard, top-rated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that helps in empowering sales, achieving more targets, and enhancing business accuracy and productivity. Proven to be a transforming investment for customer management, Salesforce is also providing immense value from the workforce and exponentially increasing revenue.

Organizations of every size can leverage from the modern and innovative cloud-based solution that can immensely increase team collaboration, enhance productivity within the teams, create impactful customer experiences, and support lead conversions.

But, utilizing Salesforce alone can limit the benefits therefore for better productivity results Salesforce is integrated with some effective and modern tools.

Salesforce integration creates and manages a streamlined communication between Salesforce CRM and other applications using APIs. The Salesforce Integration tools enable sharing of the collected valuable information in Salesforce with other systems by which anyone in the organization can access the customer data whenever required, this is valid for even non-Salesforce users. By this, customer queries can be resolved quickly and data-driven decisions can be implemented significantly. Integration is necessary if you want to increase your business value and productivity.

In this blog post, we will feature the list of best Salesforce integration tools that will increase your business efficiency and team’s productivity.

Salesforce Integration Tools Accelerating Productivity

Enhance Team Collaboration with “QUIP”

Quip is a document collaboration platform with astonishing features like spreadsheets, documentation, and team chats, etc. all of it in a single platform, to provide seamless, interactive, fast, and efficient growth to achieve the increasing requirements of the customers.

Several big brands have normalized their growth with Quip Salesforce Integration. By integrating Quip with your Salesforce environment, you can achieve quick task completions, increased growth opportunities, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Integrate Gmail and Salesforce with “EBSTA”

Ebsta empowers organizations to drive enhanced customer engagement with a suite of customer intelligence and sales enabling tools for Salesforce. It is a Google extension that syncs Gmail with Salesforce.

It automatically searches Salesforce to notify the matching records based on the email you are currently looking at. By integrating Ebsta Gmail with Salesforce, you can view, edit, manage tasks, chatter, and update your records from the inbox and across the web.

Seamlessly Manage Contract Lifecycle with “ICERTIS”

Experience the benefits of Salesforce implementation by integrating it with the standard contract management platform. Icertis enables your sales and marketing teams to create, view, collaborate, and approve contracts within the Salesforce environment to provide a seamless lead conversion process.

By integrating the Icertis Salesforce integration tool, you can impose downstream compliances, improve quality of contract, decrease the number of iterative tasks, better sales insights, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Auto-logging of Email Activities with “TOUTAPP”

ToutApp offers the advantage of data synchronization, in-depth app connection, and better-configured workflows with either clicks or codes. It operates as a sales productivity tool that helps the consumers in creating faster emails and essential follow-ups on the promotional emails.

Additionally, ToutApp has an exceptional feature of having an inbuilt phone and dialer system that allows the consumers to directly call a contact from the Salesforce platform. By integrating this tool, you can easily prioritize your daily tasks, improve your content quality, and better support over the lead conversions.

Immediate Post Chat Feedback with “GETFEEDBACK”

GetFeedback is a unique platform that creates attractive, interactive and mobile-friendly surveys. This tool is highly flexible and configurable, also it seamlessly works with all the business customizations.

The GetFeedback Salesforce Integration will help in providing real-time customer feedback through high-quality surveys (that pops up directly on the Salesforce chat window). By integrating GetFeedback, you can easily connect the collected feedback data with Salesforce to get an overall view of the customer experience. In this way, organizations can take necessary actionable insights and increase productivity.

Manage and Update Salesforce Data with “CONGA COMPOSER”

Conga Composer is a modern document generation tool. This tool allows easy and flawless creation and delivery of digital documents, reports, and presentations from Salesforce.

In this way, the organizations leverage the benefit of working from a single platform and spending less time on updating the Salesforce APIs. Additionally, this tool delivers constant and customized documents that help in elevating the brand value and customer experience.



Productivity comes from managing your tasks accordingly and timely. By implementing some changes in the current workflow of your business, you can increase the level of productivity, team collaboration, and workforce efficiency of your company.

Choosing the accurate Salesforce integration tool entirely depends on the unique demands of your business. Integrate the above mentioned powerful tools with your existing Salesforce CRM to seamlessly manage your customers, increase lead conversions, better customer experience, and achieve desired business goals.

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