What You Need to Know About BI Tecnology Company


Bitecnology.com is a leading company that deals with Vibrating Sieves and pumping systems in production processes. These processes are mostly found in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We have over 30 years’ experience where all our products are manufactured following very stringent control measures to ensure we have quality output. Some of our products are explained below according to their use;


Products and their applications

  1. Vibrating screens for glazes (Ceramic and food industries)

The product is mainly used in milling to test for residues and manufactured in stainless steel. It is also used in ceramic industries and placed on the supply tanks as glaze check. The product has the advantage of having low noise, and also is available in compact sizes.

  1. Sonitech ultrasonic systems (Pharmaceutical industry)

The Sonitech ultrasonic systems are used for screening purposes. The system has the capability of maintaining and giving uniform distribution of powder on the screening surface. Some of the industries that this machine is utilized include; sugar, spices, plaster and glass industries

  1. Iron powder remover

The iron powder remover is suitable in industries that majorly deal with granular powder. Mostly used during; elevator loading, unloading of conveyor belts and unloading of augers.

  1. Mobile unit with ElectricPumps

The electric pump is utilized in the milling process. The electric pump has wheels which make it a portable and easily movable around the factory. Some of the advantages of the portable pump are; the pump has a rubber coating for pumping abrasive liquids, produces low noise and also the structure is made up of complete steel.

  1. Roll iron remover

The Roll iron remover is mainly suitable for micronized powders and allows automatic cleaning. Best applications of the roll iron powder remover include; at the vibrating screen, at Archimedean screws discharge, and elevator discharge. The advantage of the powder iron remover is; low energy consumption, the automatic cleaning system which allows the iron remover to remain clean and the ease of use.

The above items are among the numerous products that are offered by the BI tecnology Company. The above products are made with the latest technological innovation in the market and fall under food, ceramic, and pharmaceutical industries. The company is a market leader in the manufacture of the vibrating sieves sand remains committed to maintaining high levels of professionalism in its work. It remains your responsibility to visit Bi Tecnologycompany to ensure you get the best products for your industrial use and get value for your money.