Why being Lazy about your Eye Test isn’t “Cool” and “Expensive”?

Free eye test at home

The inactive lifestyle doesn’t do anyone a profit, especially when it comes to eye health. Eyes are such an important part, a visual door to see the beauty of the world. Eyes are also a very delicate part of the body and proper protection supports its healthy maintenance. Now, we are not saying spending thousands of pounds on your health by cutting precious time from your busy schedule is not possible. 

Why are eye tests important?

Eye tests are one of the most important things that keep a check on your eyes’ changes and growth. As you know our eyes deteriorate with time, when we start to age, our eyesight also becomes weakened with time and many times eye condition comes without any prior mention. Eye disease like glaucoma and others doesn’t show any symptoms and when it’s at its advanced state, it makes you completely blind. It could, however, have been controlled if we go for a routine eye check and know about the changes happening in our eyes. 

An eye test is important for older adults who are above the age of 40, as this is the time when many eye diseases and conditions change your vision drastically. 

What’s your excuse for not going for an Eye test?

Many of you might have an excuse ready for skipping your routine eye test, you can blame it on high expense or no free time to make an appointment but we got the perfect solution for that. Say no more to excuses and give your health priority and love it requires. Specscart offers a Free eye test for everyone as it is essential to care that should be free. It’s not an eye test that you should hesitate on for taking because of its high expenses, it should be free service.

Here’s how to find the Best Opticians near you?

How many times have you googled “opticians near me” and found an expensive eye test? We’ve all been there. However, if you are around Walkden or Bury then get yourself a free eye test. Specscart has its retail store in Walden and Bury, where there are expert opticians of U.K, available for 24/7 of the week to give you your accurate vision description and recommended glasses for you.

Take your sister, Mum, Dad or friend who’s been dealing with eye problems lately and get them tested. 

Busy? Can’t make it to Stores, Get a Free eye test at Home

We respect your busy schedule, meeting after meeting, coming home and taking care of your family and then doing household chores could be a lot. Hard Working people are mostly selfish towards their health but avoiding it for too long can backfire. 

Specscart offers a Free eye test at home, where you just have to book an appointment online. Experts of opticians from the U.K will come to the home and take an eye test which will generally take 24 to 30 minutes and they’ll provide you with the right prescription. If there have been any changes in your vision, they’ll recommend the right type of glasses. 

Specscart is also availing its eye care at work, where your employer/company will give its employees a free eye test and help out with severe vision problems they are facing with screen use. If you are also suffering from computer screen problems or experience constant eye-strain, headaches, dry-eye or itchiness, then get blue light glasses for you.

Don’t waste time deciding on when you’ll do a test, just go for it as it is no longer expensive or out of reach.