Why Hiring a Conversion Rate Consultant is a Game Changer

Why Hiring a Conversion Rate Consultant is a Game Changer

Conversion rate optimization is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Since it has such a huge impact on your profits, hiring a conversion rate consultant can be the smartest move you make this year.

What Is CRO?

CRO is a way of making sure your website is working its best and helping you convert traffic into sales. There are a lot of reasons that websites may not perform their best; poor graphics, incorrect grammar, and unclear value to name a few. Customers have very little information to base a purchase off of other than your website, making this even more important.

You may not see anything wrong with your website and wonder why you should fix something that isn’t broken. While this view is understandable there’s a huge chance that you’re leaving money at the door. By having a conversion rate consultant evaluate your website and optimize it for your customers, sales will increase more than you knew they could.

Why you need a Conversion Rate Consultant

Conversion rate consultants help you make a stronger impact on potential customers. By hiring an expert, you can increase your sales and your bottom line. Good conversion rate consultants identify any weak spots in your online presence, come up with possible solutions, test them, and implement the best strategy.

  1. Takes years of practice

    Conversion rate consultants do more than just a few simple tweaks to your website; they have a process of analyzing data, evaluating it, testing, and implementing changes which takes years of experience to learn how to do properly.

    Every project needs to be treated differently because every project is different. DIY CRO is not as effective because these simple tutorials don’t take into account all the different factors that a professional considers.
  2. Understand your customers

    Understanding your customers takes a lot of time, and an understanding of human psychology. A conversion rate consultant knows the psychology behind a consumer. They know what questions to look for in order to best increase your sales.

    This step is one of the most important in CRO; without fully understanding your customers, their needs, and what drives them to purchase, you can’t have the most effective website possible. Conversion rate consultants have experience with all types of customers and know how to evaluate what their specific needs are to make sure they connect with your website.
  3. Testing the possibilities

    After analyzing your customers, your conversion rate consultant will have several solutions to choose from and testing is the only way to ensure they implement the best. There are many variables that go into real world testing of these options and it takes someone with experience to properly evaluate the results.
  4. Creating a strategy

    Choosing the best improvements to make for your website is just the beginning, your conversion rate consultant will also develop a specialized strategy for your business. This will be tailored specifically to your goals and needs and continue generating traffic and sales for years to come. CRO isn’t a one-time fix-all, it is a continuous aspect of your business and a good long-term strategy is a way to keep yourself on top.
  5. Advice

    This isn’t an area that you want someone to come in fix it and leave. You want to have your conversion rate consultant tell you what they are doing and why. This support and knowledge will help your business for years to come and as your goals change your consultant will help you optimize your website with it.
  6. Unbiased

    Conversion rate consultants are unbiased when looking at your website and how well it’s performing. This means that they won’t miss small details that you might overlook. This outside perspective will allow your consultant to best optimize your website.

How to choose a conversion rate consultant

Conversion rate consultants are easy to find, but a good conversion rate consultant is trickier. Look for some of these key factors to ensure that you choose the best possible.

  1. Experience

    Conversion rate consultants who have the necessary experience will also have a lot of real-world examples to show you. They can show you numbers to back up their value as a consultant, and show you reviews from happy customers whose businesses have been improved thanks to their services.
  2. Defined Process

    Conversion rate consultants will have a specific process that they go through when optimizing websites. Make sure that you fully understand their process and what is necessary at each step. Not only will this prepare you for what they will be doing, it will also give you an idea if they have a specific process established.
  3. Communication Skills

    Good communication is important in all areas of life but especially when hiring someone to optimize your website. Communication is unlikely to get better than it is in the beginning so make sure that you’re happy with both the communication style and frequency from the get-go.
  4. Optimized Website

    Their website represents the type of work that they do. Look through it before you agree to any consultant. Does their website work well, is it eye catching, and does it make you want to purchase from them? This is the same type of work they will do on your website so make sure that you’re happy with what they have done to their own.

Hiring a conversion rate consultant is one of the biggest things that you can do for your business. CRO will make a huge difference in your businesses income if done properly and by a professional. So, make sure you choose the right person for the job.