Do’s and Don’ts You Should Know About Mom’s community


Are you a friend time mom? Are you someone who is looking for an expert advice? Do you want to know the dos and donts? Don’t worry. There are a lot of mom communities around you. But there is something you need to remember. Not everything told in the communities should be followed. Here we are going to see some of the most common things that happen in a community and how you can get the best out of it. Not everything told in the community be true. I was in Pune and there were a lot of mom communities in Pune, most of them online. These online communities are easy and convenient for you to register. So for me, these communities are not a replacement for my gynecologist in Pune, but a support group which builds my awareness level. Hence do not carry any pre-conceived notions when you join any community.

The community can haunt you. Yes, not everything in the communities is for you. Choose what you want to follow and on which topic you would like to discuss and give your feedback on. There are a lot of sub-categories and mom experts who can give a lot of expert advice. There were a lot of frequent contributors and I happened to meet one such contributor during one of my monthly check-ups to the Maternity Hospital in Pune. This particular person was an asking a lot of questions to the nurse over there and was noting it down. See you will really not know how they get to know the details. My neighbor is a mother of two and she was better than those nurses over there but she was never there in any of these communities.

Everyone’s body heals on its own phase. So allow your body to heal at its own phase. Depending on the nature of your delivery, your recovery will be. During the recovery period, you need a lot of rest. But finding rest could be difficult given that the baby has still not adjusted to its environment. Your little will need a lot of attention and you should get used to late night calls and cries. You are going to probably feed him/her every 2 hours.

You can ask basic doubts and get to know what is happening to you and your body as long as things are normal. But if there is a slight discomfort do not wait, visit your doctor immediately. Always remember, these communities will serve as a portal for all the discussion and is not your self-help forum. The complication differs from woman to woman and if something works for one, it may not work for you. Talking to experts and getting opinions can help us stay informed on the possibilities but never zero on any decision unless you have a clear discussion with your gynecologist. So happy and safe blogging to all moms out there.

Your diet is another important factor that will help you stay healthy after your delivery. It is important that you include a lot of fruits, veggies, egg, milk, chicken, and fish in your daily diet to produce good breast milk.


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