The Ultimate Prom Checklist For Every Girl

Ultimate Prom

Your prom is this year and you don’t know what you need to do? Do not be worried, as your friends are feeling the same too. There are so many things that need to get done, which makes you feel so anxious. Starting from your date, transport, dress, and accessories, the list can be so long. But you should not be worried, as we have you covered. Check the ultimate prom checklist that will help every girl!


It all starts with determining the prom budget. You should be realistic about this one. Yes, this big event can be so expensive but if you stick to your budget you’ll be fine. Consider all of the costs such as the ticket, transport, prom dresses, accessories, and even the tiniest details such as pantyhose and lipstick. When you have a number, you will have a clear picture of the limits.


If you don’t have anything specific on your mind, take some time to browse. Search on the internet for some inspiration and current trends. Take a look at the color combinations and styles and find out which ones you prefer. Determine the length, color, and style that you prefer. Remember that you have to be more specific, so the shop assistant can offer the best service.

Try Different Dresses

It is time to head down to the shops for dress shopping. You can start this month ahead, so you have enough time to make a decision. Also, you will have enough time for possible alterations. If you are looking for something more specific such as plus size prom dresses, you may want to start looking even before that to make sure that you find the perfect one.

Before you go to the store, make sure that you have nude undergarments on. Take a pair of heels as well in case the shop does not offer you one. This way, you can see how the final look will be, as some dresses might not look so flattering with flat shoes.


This is a part of the tradition. Giving a corsage to your date is something that you should not forget about. Note this down to your list immediately. Head down to your nearest florist to get one.

Make Appointments

Note down the things that you need to do at the salon. Doing brows, waxing, makeup, beauty treatments, hair, are some of them. If you decide to do some of these at your home by yourself, exclude them from the list. All of the appointments should be made two months before the prom. Waxing and brows should be done one week before the prom, so the skin irritation can settle down. Nails can be done the day before. Go to trusted salons only before big events such as this.


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