How to Plan Swift Deliveries for Your Online Store


The latest figures from the world of eCommerce suggest that as many as half of all US households have access to Amazon Prime – which often delivers packages on a next-day basis. This speed of delivery is becoming one of the key differentiators in the online sales space – and it’s incredibly difficult for smaller firms to compete, nationwide, on this level. In this piece, we’ll be looking at tips to help you improve your delivery system, so that you never let a customer down when they order from your online store.

Reasonable Delivery Slot

As many behavioral economists are keen to point out, customers only become angry and dissatisfied when they expect a delivery that doesn’t arrive. As such, it’s more damaging to your brand to overestimate the speed of your delivery, and to miss your slot by 24 hours, than to be honest with your customer, and to beat your delivery slot by 24 hours. This should be a key consideration in your delivery estimations, and you should always keep the data on successful deliveries in order to determine your average – and where you might be going wrong in your delivery slot predictions.

Monitoring Deliveries

The only way to stay abreast of all of your customer queries about their deliveries, as well as your own planning on issuing a delivery slot, is to maintain a centralized logistics portal to help you understand where your products are, which shipments they’re on, and which delivery trucks they’re currently shuttling between. Ultimately, you’re looking for software to help you plan out all of your deliveries, and to monitor your delivery data in real time. Plan your Company Logistics with advanced software, which will help you to hit better and better delivery times as you streamline your operations into the future.

Customer Service

When a customer doesn’t have their product delivered on time, they’re justified in feeling upset and disappointed by your brand. At this point, you’re in danger of losing a customer, and sustaining a little damage to your brand – something that you will be keen to avoid as you build up your online store. To mitigate the damage caused by poor delivery times and missed delivery slots, it’s highly recommended that you hire at least one highly-qualified customer service professional to speak to disgruntled customers, and to offer them refunds, reductions or special offers when they get in touch with a complaint.

Constant Improvement

With delivery times so essential in the modern world of online shopping – and the pace very much being set by Amazon and their industry-leading lead time of less than 24 hours – it’s important that your firm doesn’t fall too far behind your main online eCommerce rivals. You may never be able to match Amazon’s pace, but you should always strive, through your software and your data analysis, to get as close to a one-day delivery as possible. Customers see this as a mark of excellence, and will be drawn to trade again with your brand if they receive a positive delivery experience from you.

There you have it: simple tips to help plan and improve your delivery process as on online store in 2020.