How to Use Social Media for Your Online Store

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Before social media, websites mostly tried to direct visitors to their website by using search engine optimization, but nowadays the internet works slightly differently. SEO is now part of every successful online store’s strategy, which makes it hard to differentiate further than really nailing your keywords. Social media is a great way to deal with this levelled playing field. Still, it has a host of other benefits too, including customer engagement and nurturing potential customers down the conversion funnel.

Engaging a Huge Audience

Social media is great for finding your customers because a huge proportion of the world is on it! Over 2.7 billion people are on Facebook alone, which would make it the biggest country in the world by citizenship. You don’t want to miss out on that marketing opportunity. Engaging with customers on social media will make them spend 20 to 40% more, and engagement is easy as long as you do it in character – remember that your brand needs to speak consistently from its archetype.

Make sure you set and measure goals

When you start to plan how you use social media on your online store, you will need to keep an eye on Key Performance Indicators (KPI), so you can tell if your social media use is working. The KPIs you choose depend on your goals – these could be to increase sales, to drive traffic, to keep customers coming back; whatever you think your business needs right now, but try to choose one. Once you’ve done that, you need to find the right ways to measure it – this is something for either your platform or developer. If you use a platform, you need to either code in an analytic framework, find the right plugin or choose a developer who can – if you want a good guide on how to choose a Shopify developer,’sguide is excellent.

Create a Community of Reviewers

Reviews and shares are important tools for any online store. Still, when you take it to social media, they’re important ways of driving traffic to your site, getting new visitors and also retaining customers. When you encourage reviews on social media, you create buzz around your online store, especially if the reviews are positive. When they’re negative, you can still create a positive impression by thoughtfully trying to understand the issues that customers have faced and done everything you can to rectify them, publically.

You can create this community by interacting with every review, so those who take the time to review feel noticed and rewarded. If you are trying to get the community started, but it’s a bit slow to take off, you can offer some sort of reviewer competition – give a free product or a coupon for the most-liked review. You can do so every month or week if you want to create an active and engaged community. If you’re still stuck, check out the other things you can do to encourage reviews/

Once you manage to use social media effectively, you’ll see the results with your KPIs. You need to adjust how you use social media based on the results of your campaigns, constantly optimizing for better results.